2003 Japan National Championships Photo Coverage

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Caption Day Category
2003 Japan National Champion, Koutaro Ootsuka Sunday Players
Osamu Fujita plays MBC Sunday Players
Koutaro Otsuka plays Madness Sunday Players
Finals Sunday Players
3rd-4th Playoff Sunday Players
Semifinals Sunday Players
Semifinals:Hisaya Tanaka vs. Koutaro Ootsuka Sunday Players
Semifinals:Osamu Fujita vs. Tooru Maegawa Sunday Players
Quarterfinals:Yamomoto vs. Tanaka Sunday Players
Quarterfinals:Mihara vs. Fujita Sunday Players
Quarterfinals:Maegawa vs. Atsuta Sunday Players
Quarterfinals Sunday Players
Sonic the Hedgehog Saturday Players
Top 8:Hisaya Tanaka Saturday Players
Top 8:Toru Maegawa Saturday Players
Top 8:Makihito Mihara Saturday Players
Top 8:Kotaro Otsuka Saturday Players
Top 8:Kazumasa Shiki Saturday Players
Top 8:Osamu Fujita Saturday Players
Top 8:Nao Atsuta Saturday Players
Top 8 players Saturday Players
Round 12 Feature Match:Masaya Kitayama vs. Nobuaki Shikata Saturday Players
Round 11 Feature Match:Akira Asahara vs. Masashiro Kuroda Saturday Players
Round 11 Feature Match:Nao Atsuta vs. Kotaro Otsuka Saturday Players
Top 8:Yohei Yamamoto Saturday Players
Round 10 Feature Match:Youhei Yamamoto vs. Osamu Fujita Saturday Players
Round 9 Feature Match:Kotaro Ohtsuka vs. Masashiro Kuroda Saturday Players
Round 9 Feature Match:Masaya Kitayama vs. Koichiro Maki Saturday Players
Round 8 Feature Match:Ryo Ogura vs. Itaru Ishida Saturday Players
Round 7 Feature Match:Akira Asahara vs. Ryoma Shiozu Saturday Players
Round 7 Feature Match:Kazuya Hirabayashi vs. Katsu Mori Saturday Players
Koichiro Maki Saturday Players
Ken'ichi Fujita Saturday Players
Katsu Mori Saturday Players
Kazuya Hirabayashi, Katsu Mori and Akihiro Takakuwa in their second rochester Saturday Players
Masashiro Kuroda and Ken'ichi Fujita in the glorious 1st pod Saturday Players
Katsuhiro Mori talks about his second rochester Saturday Players
Round 6 Feature Match:Kotarou Otsuka vs. Dai Satochi Friday Players
Round 6 Feature Match:Masayuki Higashino vs. Koichiro Maki Friday Players
Round 5 Feature Match:Takao Higaki vs. Naoki Kubouchi Friday Players
Round 5 Feature Match:Jin Okamoto vs. Kenji Sato Friday Players
Round 4 Feature Match:Ken'ichi Fujita vs. Jun Ishihara Friday Players
Round 4 Feature Match:Shuhei Nakamura vs. Masashi Ooiso Friday Players
"Japanese Silent Assasin" Itaru Ishida Friday Players
GP Kyoto Champion, Akira Asahara Friday Players
PT Venice Top 8, Akihiro Kashima Friday Players
Masayuki Higashino and Koichiromaki in their first rochester Friday Players
Rochester Pod 2 Friday Players
Ken'ichi Fujita rules draft as usual Friday Players
Rochester Pod 7 Friday Players
The fisrt pick Friday Players
PS2 teammate Matchup in Round 3:Katsuhiro vs. Masashiro Friday Players
Fujita-Fujita Feature Match in Round 3:Osamu vs. Ken'ichi Friday Players
Round 2 Feature Match:Nobuaki Shikata vs. Masahiko Morita Friday Players
Round 2 Feature Match:Akihiro Kashima vs. Tsuyoshi Fujita Friday Players
Round 1 Feature Match:Masayuki Higasino vs. Kotaro Otsuka Friday Players
Round 1 Feature Match:Jinpei Hassaku vs. Masahiko Morita Friday Players
167 players Friday Players
Head judge Ryuji Ohashi from Hobbyjapan Friday Staff
Japanese best judges Friday Staff
Masters Venice Champion, Masashiro Kuroda Friday Players
Masters Venice Champion, Masahiko Morita Friday Players
Pro Tour Tokyo Finalist, Tsuyoshi "Rolly" Fujita Friday Players
Ron Foster from Wizards of the Coast Friday Staff
Japan National Championship Friday Misc
Grinder on Thursday Friday Players
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