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Q3: What Scourge common card do you think has had the biggest impact on Onslaught Block Limited?

"Zombie Cutthroat"
- Katsuhiro Mori

"Zombie Cutthroat"
- Ken'ichi Fujita

"Zombie Cutthroat"
- Kouichirou Maki

Q2: What Scourge card do you think will have the most impact on Standard?

"Mind’s Desire"
- Akira Asahara

"Sulfuric Vortex"
- Itaru Ishida

"Sulfuric Vortex"
- Akihiko Kashima

Q1:What do you think about the change to the tournament structure for this year's Nationals?

"It makes it a lot harder to choose a Standard deck. You have be more aware of the metagame, and choose a solid deck that has a good chance against the overall field."
- Masashiro Kuroda

"Honestly, I really don't like having to play two formats on the same day. It's really hard for me to change gears between Limited and Constructed."
- Masahiko Morita

"I'm not necessarily against it, but I think the DCI changes formats too often. It'd be nice if we could have the same format two years in a row."
- Tsuyoshi Fujita
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