Grinder 2 Finals: Will Chamberlain vs. BRock Parker

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"Whoa, getting featured! This is a first." – Will Chamberlain

Will Chamberlain wouldn't fault you for not having heard about him. Fame was the last thing on his mind when he signed up for the second grinder. He just wanted a spot at Nationals. Across from him was a recognizable face, that of Brock Parker. He was one of a handful of pros such as Eric Froehlich and Dave Williams who found themselves without the pro points or rating to earn a slot. He remained stoic, focused on the one match he had to win to earn himself a berth. His perennial cohorts William Jensen and Matt Linde were nowhere to be seen. Chamberlain had plenty of friends on-hand to root for him. Parker was with red-green with a splash of black. Chamberlain's was a sleek black-green number.

Game 1

Parker led with Wellwisher, and Chamberlain attempted to answer with Gempalm Strider, but his nerves had got the better of him, and he'd accidentally played a second swamp. "Nervous?" asked one of his friends.

"Just a little bit, just a tad." – Will Chamberlain

With his two black mana he set up a Crypt Sliver. Parker made a morph. Chamberlain came back with Severed Legion. Parker had another morph and hit for two. Chamberlain returned the favor and played his Strider. Parker's morphs charged in. Chamberlain put his Sliver in front of one, and his Strider on the other. He chose well, as Parker put his Skirk Commando in the graveyard. He added a Wirewood Herald, and was done.

Chamberlain swung back and sat on his Cruel Revival. Parker cycled Hundroog at end of turn, then bashed again. Chamberlain took two to kill the Herald. Parker fetched Birchlore Rangers, which gave him the black mana he needed to cast Twisted Abomination. Chamberlain had a Lorian on his next turn, but Parker had drawn a swamp. He swung in. The Lorian blocked the morph, and the Sliver blocked the Abomination. Parker unmorphed Brackus to trade.

Chamberlain increased his evasion clock with a Screeching Buzzard. With the Abomination in his way, it looked like his best bet would be to win with evasion. Parker took the opportunity to Sprouting Vines for two Forests. Chamberlain Reaped the Graves for his Strider and Lorian. Parker complicated that plan with a Smother on the Crypt Sliver. Chamberlain ate five from the Abomination.

Deciding on the evasion plan, Chamberlain hit the Wellwisher with Cruel Revival. By not waiting until Parker activated it, he gave him an extra life. He hit for four. Parker came in with Abomination and Rangers. Chamberlain tried to stop the Rangers with his Strider, but Parker cycled a Strider of his own after damage was on the stack. He added a morph. Chamberlain did the same, and included a Murlodont.

Parker hit with the Abomination and the Strider took one for the team. He the flipped up his Skirk Marauder to kill Chamberlain's morphed Treespring Lorian. Chamberlain hit back with his Legion and Murlodont. Parker chumped with his Rangers. Chamberlain hoped Stonewood Invoker would be enough. He traded his Buzzard for the Marauder and fell to three. Parker showed him Snarling Undorak.

Chamberlain's Legion attacked, but Parker was still at seven. He waited on Invoker mana. Parker thought for a moment, then sent both his guys. The Murlodont chumped the Undorak, and the Invoker bounced with the Abomination. Parker crushed his hopes by playing another Undorak. Chamberlain drew a blank, and they were on to Game 2.

Parker 1 – Chamberlain 0

Game 2

Parker was under early pressure from Stonewood Invoker and Severed Legion. Fortunately, he had the Birchlore Rangers, Wellwisher opening to slow the beats. He added a morph and passed it back. Chamberlain's creatures hit for four, and he made a morph of his own. Parker's Wellwisher kept him healthy.

Parker played Gempalm Strider and swung in with his morph. Chamberlain thought, and then let it through. Parker showed him the Skirk Commando to take down his morph, a Treespring Lorian. Chamberlain made a Screeching Buzzard and traded it for the Commando, taking two from the Strider. Parker pitched his Dirge of Dread and made a morph .

Finally, Chamberlain found his fifth land, and threw down a Silklash Spider, slowing Parker's offense. Parker made no play. Chamberlain also had Lingering Death for the Wellwisher. Parker unmorphed his Venomspout Brackus, then swung in. Chamberlain pushed his Spider in front of it. Parker Shocked after combat, and made another morph.

"He's always got the card." – Will Chamberlain

Now Chamberlain was on the defensive. Parker served up a Hundroog. Chamberlain made a morph and held back. Parker's men swung in. Chamberlain blocked the Brackus. Parker's morph turned out to be Woodcloaker, meaning that Chamberlain took twelve on the chin, falling to four.

Unfortunately, Chamberlain found no seventh land on top of his deck. His face-down Bane of the Living couldn't save him. He blocked as best he could and Baned for two, leaving Parker with three creatures and him with the Bane, but couldn't survive another turn, even with Cruel Revival in hand.

Final Result: Brock Parker defeats Will Chamberlain 2-0

William Chamberlain
Grinder #2– Top 4

Main Deck

40 cards

Tranquil Thicket

18 lands

Bane of the Living
Berserk Murlodont
Crypt Sliver
Fallen Cleric
Gempalm Strider
Krosan Tusker
Screeching Buzzard
Severed Legion
Silklash Spider
Stonewood Invoker
Towering Baloth
Treespring Lorian
Wirewood Guardian
Wirewood Herald

16 creatures

Crown of Suspicion
Cruel Revival
Lingering Death
Mythic Proportions
Reaping the Graves

6 other spells

Aven Liberator
Battlefield Medic
Break Open
Cephalid Pathmage
Chain of Plasma
Charging Slateback
Choking Tethers
Crowd Favorites
Crown of Ascension
Daru Cavalier
Daru Lancer
Decree of Annihilation
Deftblade Elite
Disciple of Grace
Disciple of Malice
Dispersal Shield
Disruptive Pitmage
Dragon Breath
Dragon Wings
Ebonblade Reaper
Elvish Pathcutter
Erratic Explosion
Fever Charm
Gilded Light
Goblin Assassin
Goblin Sky Raider
Grassland Crusader
Gustcloak Sentinel
Information Dealer
Krosan Groundshaker
Lowland Tracker
Mistform Seaswift
Mistform Shrieker
Mistform Wall
Quick Sliver
Renewed Faith
Ridgetop Raptor
Slipstream Eel
Syphon Mind
Taunting Elf
Thoughtbound Primoc
Torrent of Fire
Uncontrolled Infestation
Unspeakable Symbol
Walking Desecration
Whipgrass Entangler
Wing Shards
Wipe Clean
Wirewood Pride

52 sideboard cards

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