2002 Pro Tour Boston Photo Coverage

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A little relaxation after a job well doneSundayPlayers
Three time, three time, three time!SundayPlayers
2020, Pro Tour - Boston FinalistsSundayPlayers
Kai's used to being on the front of Sideboard MagazineSundayPlayers
Fans ask Kai Budde for his autographSundayPlayers
Budde victorious!SundayPlayers
David Rood poses with cardsSundayPlayers
This man knows no fearSundayPlayers
Everyone wants to see how this one turns outSundayPlayers
The action is mesmerizing!SundayPlayers
Everything hinges on this one matchSundayPlayers
Rood vs. Budde for all the marblesSundayPlayers
The handshake as Blume defeats PollockSundayPlayers
A recipe for a quick winSundayPlayers
The shock of victory dazes Steve WolfmanSundayPlayers
Pollock waits for a responseSundayPlayers
Blume's Tireless Tribe gets ready to smash SundayPlayers
Overhead Pollock vs. BlumeSundayPlayers
Steve Wolfman smashes politelySundayPlayers
If Baberowski had a tie, he'd be loosening it right nowSundayPlayers
Blume's been studying under Budde for so long, he's even mastered the smug frown!SundayPlayers
Pollock puts all his eggs in one 7/7 flying, trampling basketSundayPlayers
The Finals! All eyes on Pollock-BlumeSundayPlayers
Budde forces Rood into some hard-core chump blockingSundayPlayers
For Kai Budde, this game is just an obstacle on the road to collecting his checkSundayPlayers
David Rood's eyes sparkle with claritySundayPlayers
Sideboard Reporter Josh Bennett steals the Editor's chair, a la Sorcerer's ApprenticeSundayStaff
Judge Manager James Lee peeks out of his cubbyholeSundayStaff
You thought he was dead, but no, Michael "Loco" Loconto is in full effect!SundayPlayers
Skycam shows 2020 have their think onSundayPlayers
Pollock and Rood indicate preferencesSundayPlayers
Not a bad pack for Team RochesterSundayPlayers
U.S. Champ Eugene Harvey gets a feel for OnslaughtSundayPlayers
Not everyone's playing MagicSundayPlayers
Mike Pustilnik hands out the Titan beatsSundayPlayers
Rood has just one thing on his mindSundayPlayers
I suppose if you have to guard something, this is a thing to guardSundayPlayers
David Rood helps 2020 get the huge upset!SundayPlayers
Phoenix Foundation win their semis!SundayPlayers
Fabiano checks to see if he can liveSundayPlayers
Sideboard Art Director Matt Stevens has had a long weekendSundayStaff
There's nothing like watching from above The PitSundayPlayers
Snazzy screens means everybody sees the action up closeSundaySite
Expert commentary from the minds of Mark Rosewater, Randy Buehler and Pat ChapinSundayStaff
Blume hands it back to McCordSundayPlayers
Aerial view: Slay Pillage Gerard vs. Phoenix FoundationSundayPlayers
You want tokens? Take your pick!SundayPlayers
Aerial view: 2020 vs. Courtney's BoysSundayPlayers
Fabiano is crushed by the weight of responsibilitySundayPlayers
Blume plays his spells daintilySundayPlayers
Cub Reporter Brian David-Marshall takes it all inSundayPlayers
Things aren't so rosy on the side of Courtney's BoysSundayPlayers
Up a game, a smile blossoms on Steve Wolfman's faceSundayPlayers
Semifinal Action: Slay Pillage Gerard vs. Phoenix FoundationSundayPlayers
Phoenix Foundation certainly look inevitableSundayPlayers
Scott McCord assertsSundayPlayers
2020: Pensive, pensive, and chucklebucketSundayPlayers
Courtney's Boys are all confidenceSundayPlayers
Maher, Wise and Reeves razz the CanadiansSundayPlayers
The GoldSundayPlayers
Even on this sleepy Sunday, Side Events bustlesSundayPlayers
2020 hammer out their decksSundayPlayers
Budde controls his side of the tableSundayPlayers
The Semifinal DraftsSundayPlayers
Rochester draft is best followed from aboveSundayPlayers
Baberowski voices his opinion, and Budde shuts him downSundayPlayers
Slay Pillage Gerard get some small celebrations onSundayPlayers
Wolfman & Rood look to Pollock for guidanceSundayPlayers
Wise puts his foot down on a pickSundayPlayers
Top 4: Phoenix FoundationSundayPlayers
Pro Tour - Boston 2002 Top 4SundayPlayers
Top 4: Slay Pillage GerardSundayPlayers
Top 4: Courtney's BoysSundayPlayers
Top 4: 2020SundayPlayers
Courtney's Boys were down 0-1 but came back to win and advance to Sunday.SaturdayPlayers
And just like that, Phoenix Foundation makes their second consecutive Top 4.SaturdayPlayers
With the match firmly in hand, and the Circular Logic firmly on head, Kai smiles.SaturdayPlayers
Tom Guevin is savaged by Kai's enchanted creatures.SaturdayPlayers
Phoenix Foundation vs. Attack Time - winner plays on Sunday.SaturdayPlayers
Marco mad!SaturdayPlayers
"Come on Tommy!": Tom Guevin and Attack Time in round 11.SaturdayPlayers
Josh Bennett's luscious curls are hypnotic.SaturdayPlayers
Wiegersma, van der Broek, and Karsten make up
Victor van der Broek borrows a snazzy French toque for the do-or-die final round.SaturdayPlayers
Gary Wise, Neil Reeves, and Bob Maher need at least a draw in the final round.SaturdayPlayers
A determined Phoenix Foundation in round 11.SaturdayPlayers
A troubled Danny Mandel fights for the future of Attack Time.SaturdayPlayers
Mark Rosewater, looking a little bleary and worn.SaturdayStaff
Sad judges are only slightly less scary than sad clowns.SaturdayStaff
Mike Bregoli, webmaster of that mean awful site that always makes fun of us SaturdayPlayers
Sideboard art director Matt Stevens and DCI manager Jeff Donais get their rave on.SaturdayStaff
Jeff Donais and Collin Jackson travel backward through time.SaturdayStaff
Olle Rade, sans golden tresses, drafted himself in the final round. SaturdayPlayers
A crowd gathers to watch the tense final round drafts.SaturdayPlayers
Aven Windreader wins, two votes to one.SaturdayPlayers
Gary Wise makes a pick in the crucial 11-round draft.SaturdayPlayers
Jelger Wiegersma directs traffic for
Marco Blume extends for the white card.SaturdayPlayers
Plan 9 from Outland are all in each other's business.SaturdayPlayers
Hobby One look like they've been hit by a busSaturdayPlayers
Savage CheatersSaturdayPlayers
Neil Reeves treats himself to a victory jigSaturdayPlayers
Elijah Pollack keeps a crib sheet (of sorts) at his left handSaturdayPlayers
The look of determinationSaturdayPlayers
Olivier Ruel is almost ashamed to do it. Almost.SaturdayPlayers
Sideboard Editor Thomas Pannell does some serious legwork selling subscriptionsSaturdayStaff
It's a raucous good time in the Onslaught prereleaseSaturdayPlayers
Dulled by the strain of competitionSaturdayPlayers
The microphone can turn anyone into a starSaturdayStaff
Budde requires maximum informationSaturdayPlayers
Blume resists, but the will of Budde is absoluteSaturdayPlayers
Hobby One have seen better days, back when they were Black OpsSaturdayPlayers
Maher, Wise and Reeves scan Reeves's deck, making sure their next moves are rightSaturdayPlayers
Can anyone stop these men?SaturdayPlayers
Clearly, the length of the day is taking its toll on 2020SaturdayPlayers
Courtney's Boys operate like a well-oiled machineSaturdayPlayers
2020 take a momentSaturdayPlayers
Next to these hardcore skaters, Magic doesn't seem so extremeSaturdayPlayers
Phoenix Foundation sit in order of increasing sizeSaturdayPlayers
Goldmember. Olle Rade even looks the part.SaturdayPlayers
Hato Beeam: Kazuki Ueno, Masashi Ooiso, and Takao HigakiSaturdayPlayers
Hato Beeam squares off against GoldmemberSaturdayPlayers
Phantom hands beguile Blake QuelleSaturdayPlayers
Round 9 Feature Match: Phoenix Foundation vs. www.mtgplanet.comSaturdayPlayers
Round 9 Feature Match: Stalking Tiger, Hidden Gibbon vs. Courtney's BoysSaturdayPlayers
Phoenix Foundation get ready to commit more murderSaturdayPlayers
The intensity of Bob Maher, Jr., the audacity of Neil Reeves, and the tomfoolery of Gary WiseSaturdayPlayers
As they day wears on, so do Stalking Tiger, Hidden GibbonSaturdayPlayers
Coral Net gets the nodSaturdayPlayers
Taking silent signalling to the next levelSaturdayPlayers
Poetry Night, why not?SaturdayStaff
Stalking Tiger, Hidden Gibbon try not to second-guess themselvesSaturdayPlayers
Bob Maher gapes at an unspectacular packSaturdayPlayers
Apparently, Phoenix Foundation's opponents have made a tragic errorSaturdayPlayers
Team www.mtgplanet.comSaturdayPlayers
Driven to the edge of sanitySaturdayPlayers
Don't think you won't paySaturdayPlayers
Frenchmen in trouble!SaturdayPlayers
The CanknuckleheadsSaturdayPlayers
Camera flash further bleaches the already-pale
Outside the venue it's a glorious day.SaturdaySite
This crane shot doesn't justify its expenseSaturdayPlayers
2020, representing Canada as only they canSaturdayPlayers
The pleasant young lads of Not even black can make them look menacingSaturdayPlayers
Magic Mushrooms boast co-ordinated outfits and lots of concentrationSaturdayPlayers
Sigurd Eskeland just can't seem to careSaturdayPlayers
The pairings draw players like a roach motelSaturdayPlayers
Morph cards can provide all kinds of unpleasant surprisesSaturdayPlayers
All-Onslaught action in the Side Events areaSaturdayPlayers
Playing the part of Igor, Elaine ChaseSaturdayStaff
Gamers caught in the act! Of building sealed decks!SaturdayPlayers
This is a result of a combination of factors, not the least of which is fashion senseSaturdayPlayers
Round 7 Feature Match: Courtney's Boys vs. Slay-Pillage-GerrardSaturdayPlayers
Round 7 Feature Match: Green Monsters II vs. Attack TimeSaturdayPlayers
Sideboard Japan Feature: Team Outland 2002 vs.
Nicolai Herzog just wishes things were betterSaturdayPlayers
Japanese superstars Nobushita, Ikeda and Okamoto bring the noiseSaturdayPlayers
Attack Time has given Tom Guevin some sort of tranquilizer, to good effectSaturdayPlayers
Green Monsters II are in the business of painSaturdayPlayers
Gerard Fabiano waits impatiently for the end as his teammates look onSaturdayPlayers
Gary Wise has no secrets, and revels in itSaturdayPlayers
The pervasive question: How'd your draft go?SaturdayPlayers
Even if you don't know it yet, triple Gravel Slinger is some goodSaturdayPlayers
Foils mesmerize a casual playerSaturdayPlayers
Osamu Fujita crushes dreams at the prereleaseSaturdayPlayers
Collin Jackson drops in to call the first draftSaturdayStaff
The Onslaught Prerelease in full swingSaturdayPlayers
This man won a Pro TourSaturdayPlayers
Eivind Nitter sets a befuddled Nicolai Herzog straightSaturdayPlayers keep hope alive for JapanSaturdayPlayers
Gerrard Fabiano dismisses Aven FisherSaturdayPlayers
Courtney's Boys know their way around a boosterSaturdayPlayers
Danny Mandel tries his best to endure Tom GuevinSaturdayPlayers
The French compare notesSaturdayPlayers
Gamers further their stereotypeSaturdayPlayers
Not the ad campaign Red Bull intendedSaturdayPlayers
Complicated maps and signs steer the madding crowdSaturdayPlayers
The sun shines on Day 2SaturdayPlayers
Day 2 of the Pro Tour, but for these guys, it's Onslaught prerelease timeSaturdayPlayers
Some of the many victims of the Midnight Madness PrereleaseSaturdayPlayers
Round 6 Feature Match: Tired Lost Souls vs. Phoenix FoundationFridayPlayers
Tired Lost Souls look the partFridayPlayers
Round 6 Feature Match: Illuminati vs. BandanaFridayPlayers
At this point, really, why not?FridayPlayers
Phoenix Foundation follows Budde, even in frowningFridayPlayers
Bandana (Gabrenja, Caligaris, Ostrovich) are caught in Illuminati's headlightsFridayPlayers
Mostly smiles, Illuminati need to win this one to make Day 2FridayPlayers
Loveable munchkin Andrew JohnsonFridayPlayers
Svend Geertsen, ladies manFridayPlayers
A winning hand: All birds.FridayPlayers
Round 5 Feature Match: Team Guam vs. UbermenschenFridayPlayers
The Ubermenschen are hardly living up to their nameFridayPlayers
Team Guam (Noah Boeken, Kamiel Cornelissen and Eric Froehlich): A pixie, an elf, and an ogreFridayPlayers
Round 5 Feature Match: Stalking Tiger, Hidden Gibbons vs. Courtney's BoysFridayPlayers
Stalking Tiger, Hidden Gibbons, up close and personalFridayPlayers
Courtney's Boys. Bob Maher, Jr. flashes those bedroom eyesFridayPlayers
The Judge exams are an ordealFridayStaff
Judge Akio Sugaya caught red-handedFridayStaff
2-2 and needing to win out, Phoenix Foundation are handed a gem of a poolFridayPlayers
Even WotC bigwigs tune in to Sideboard OnlineFridayStaff
Tournament Manager Jeff Donais and Sideboard Editor Thomas Pannell are hard at workFridayStaff
Hacker vs. Fujieda, experience versus excitementFridayPlayers
Brian Hacker, larger than lifeFridayPlayers
Fujieda is almost unidentifiable without his red and black Sideboard shirtFridayPlayers
Raw Dog have had a rough day, and it's not getting any betterFridayPlayers
Maki prepares to smash, under the approving eye of FujitaFridayPlayers
Round 4 Feature Match: Raw Dogs vs. UnchainFridayPlayers
Round 4 Feature Match: Bjorksele vs. Magic MushroomsFridayPlayers
Bjorksele range from unease to downright nauseaFridayPlayers
Third-string French Team Magic Mushrooms, 67% toquesFridayPlayers
Scott Larabee and Matt Stevens compare cell-phonesFridayStaff
Gamers flock to this bannerFridaySite
Definitely an "Oops" FaceFridayPlayers
Pro players enjoy a mid-Tour feastFridayPlayers
Artist Christopher Moeller poses with CompulsionFridayStaff
Artist Jerry Tirtilli, delighted to be hereFridayStaff
For Judge Chris Page, it's the simple things in lifeFridayStaff
Pro Thug Masayuki Higashino leads N.G.O.K.FridayPlayers
It's frowns all around for Unchain this roundFridayPlayers
The cards you open, your play skill, a bit of luck. Ultimatly what matters is your counters.FridayPlayers
Eric James of The Jokas serves up the beats with a shrug and a half-smileFridayPlayers
Baberowski and Budde smile for the camera. Blume sticks to his usual intimidating glowerFridayPlayers
Round 3 Feature Match: Phoenix Foundation vs. The JokasFridayPlayers
Round 3 Feature Match: Huey Brock and Linde vs. The Rock and his DragonConFridayPlayers
The Rock and his DragonCon, with glasses of varying intensityFridayPlayers
Huey Brock and Linde. Naturally, Huey is with the blue-white deck.FridayPlayers
The Jokas opened a pretty good poolFridayPlayers
Grand Prix Champions The JokasFridayPlayers
The Rock and his DragonCon can't seem to reach a consensusFridayPlayers
Unchain: Isamu Fujieda, Ken'ichi Fujita and Kouchirou Maki. Come tomorrow, they might be Sideboard Japan reporters again.FridayPlayers
Masters regulars Panzer Hunters fight next to countrymen S.S.D.FridayPlayers
Tables to the horizon. In the foreground, a typical blue-white mirrorFridayPlayers
It's action as far as the eyes can seeFridayPlayers
Round 2 Feature Match: The Ancient Kavus vs. Plan 9 from OutlandFridayPlayers
Norwegian powerhouse "Plan 9 from Outland"FridayPlayers
The Ancient Kavus ride Mike Pustilnik's successFridayPlayers
Round 2 Feature Match: Hobby One vs. Latins Strike BackFridayPlayers
Hobby One are used to the glare of the Feature Match lights. In Olivier Ruel's case, a little too used to them.FridayPlayers
Latins Strike Back, as World Champion Carlos Romao looks for his second titleFridayPlayers
Gerrard Fabiano, in a moment of weaknessFridayPlayers
Round 2 Feature Match: TOGIT Connection vs.
Despondency all the way down TOGIT ConnectionFridayPlayers
Dave Williams is still a little rustyFridayPlayers
Chapin's Death Stare. Even his teammates are afraid!FridayPlayers
Pat Chapin does what Pat Chapin does bestFridayPlayers
A study of opposites, with a sketchy deck as focusFridayPlayers
With a deft hand, judges set things back in orderFridayStaff, Jun Nobushita, Tsuyoshi Ikeda, and hard-luck man Jin OkamotoFridayPlayers
Round 1 Feature Match: Hood Rich vs. Evil Inc.FridayPlayers
Evil Incorporated, or is that "Incarnate"?FridayPlayers
Kamahl earns yet another frown from an opponentFridayPlayers
All-French Action: LNT Anthology vs. Hobby One (formerly Black Ops)FridayPlayers
Mid-match chatter, Benafel and WilliamsFridayPlayers
The initial pleasantries, before the brutalityFridayPlayers
Deck Registration is hectic and bafflingFridayPlayers
YMG grab their landsFridayPlayers
Phoenix Foundation, an even-money bet to win the whole showFridayPlayers
Sometimes it's hard to figure out what goes whereFridayPlayers
The depth of green can get just this ridiculousFridayPlayers
Courtney's Boys (Neil Reeves, Bob Maher, Jr., Gary Wise) are caught off-guardFridayPlayers
TBS Affiliates Andy Wolf and Matt Rubin enjoy a guffawFridayPlayers
Super Smash Bros. embody youthful exuberanceFridayPlayers
The venerable Team Your Move GamesFridayPlayers
A fistful of fatties. Run 'em all?FridayPlayers
Norway's "Plan 9 from Outland" start sortingFridayPlayers
Brushing up on Limited with Sideboard MagazineFridayPlayers
Osyp Lebedowicz cracks wise with the rest of the TOGIT crewFridayPlayers
Eugene Harvey is paralyzed by an interviewFridayPlayers
William Jensen and Phil Freneau pour on the charmFridayPlayers
Potential contents: One "Get Into Day 2 Free" CardFridayPlayers
Head Judge Nat Fairbanks enjoys a casual moment before the festivities beginFridayStaff
Diligent Judges get ready to enforce JusticeFridayStaff
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