Round 10: Alex Shvartsman vs. David Price

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I'm not even going to try to introduce these two. It's virtually impossible to follow the Pro Tour without knowing them. Today they both had a little side story to bring to the table.

Price has a tricky sideboard just for this match against Shvartsman's blue and black deck: Llawan, Cephalid Empress and two islands. If it resolves things can get very complicated for Alex.

Shvartsman has a special Shadowmage Infiltrator. He got it signed by Jon Finkel today and Jon added a little extra flavour to it: "Not to be drawn versus David Price." Lets see if his wish works out.

Game 1

Price took a mulligan and despite Finkel's flavour, and catcalls, the Infiltrator showed up right on turn three.

Alex: "Jon, your plan didn't work."
Jon Finkel: "Give him the stare! Give him the stare David!"

Crypt Creeper and Aquamoeba showed up to worsen Price's problems and despite a Refresh he couldn't find a fourth land, or a second color. He scooped on the following turn again failing to draw a land and already facing five different creatures.

Alex 1-0 David.

Alex: "It is a free win."
David: "This next game is going to be SO different."
Alex: "As long as the third is the same I'm ok with that."

Game 2

Aquamoeba showed up on Alex's second turn and this time Price had both colors. He played turn three Basking Rootwalla. Psionic Gift gave Aquamoeba the power to shoot the Rootwalla away before David could untap.

David Price dropped his bomb on the turn four: Llawan. If it would resolve Alex would be unable to play blue creatures. But Shvartsman was ready: He had Circular Logic for it.

David: "I can't believe you countered that. That would be SO savage. That would have been game."

A Boa Constrictor showed up and gained a Seton's Desire. On the next turn a Faceless Butcher took it away to open way for Shvartsman's increasing army. A turn later it was all over.

Alex: "I'm sorry."
David: "I have a bad deck."

Final Result: Alex 2-0 David.

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