Round 14: Jeroen Remie vs. Zev Gurwitz

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Last round of the Swiss portion of the Pro Tour. On one side Zev Gurwitz, the New Yorker who fine-tuned the Psychatog deck into perfection creating a monster that refuses to step down from the top of the Standard hill. On the other side Jeroen Remie, another great player from the Netherlands.

Jeroen: "This is what you get. Build a deck and get a feature match."

Game 1

Remie came out like a block deck: Careful Study, Werebear and Wild Mongrel. Zev started his game with turn three Cephalid Looter. Less flashy but almost as effective.

He followed it up with Pardic Firecat. This was a clearly outclassed as the Dutch discarded a Roar to the Mongrel and flashed it back. Things were heating up but Zev still found enough good humour to wave to the camera.

On the next swing Jeroen discarded enough cards to win the game. It was fast. It was brutal. It was ugly.

Jeroen: "Oh, God draw!"
Zev: "That draw was good."

Jeroen 1-0 Zev.

Game 2

Again Remie came out smoking with a second turn Mongrel and again Gurwitz answered with a turn three Looter. The Hound took a bite and Cartographer showed up.

The American threw a Scorching Missile at Remie who attacked him down to twelve on the next turn. In the process he discarded Roar to the Mongrel and brought a huge token into play.

Zev Gurwitz was in trouble. He played Pardic Firecat with Temper in hand ready to use, through the Looter. Unafraid, or unsuspecting, Remie sent the token and the Hound in.

The Looter and the Firecat jumped in front of the Looter. The Temper snatched the Mongrel after combat. A Longhorn Firebaset came in but it was too late: Jeroen Remie had already dropped a Cephalid Retainer.

The Retainer tapped the Firebeast and the Roar finished the game, and the match.

Final Result: Jeroen 2-0 Zev.

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