Round 6: David Price vs. Darwin Kastle

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Dave Price and Darwin Kastle met in a round six feature match that featured more Pro Tour experience than any match in the history of the Tour – neither player has ever missed an event. These two PT champs have already lost twice each so the loser would be eliminated from Day 2. Price drafted a red-green deck while Kastle went blue-black – it was a battle of the format's classic archetypes.

Game 1 was a pure race with neither player even seriously considering blocking. Kastle served with his small blue and black fliers while Price brought the beats with Cartographer and Rabid Elephant. Price got ahead in the race by killing two of Kastle's fliers with Howling Gale, but Kastle followed up with Balshan Collaborator and then a Repel on Price's elephant. Kastle seemed poised to win, but Price turned things around with a timely Shower of Coals, killing all Kastle's creatures and Kastle. All Kastle could do was cock his head and ask "That got to you?" "Yeah – fourth pick!"

Game 2 was another race. Price took the early lead with his Wild Mongrel, but he stumbled on lands and Kastle was able to get out Balshan Collaborator with two swamps untapped before Price could play another creature. Kastle then blundered – targeting Wild Mongrel (not Springing Tiger) with his Slithery Stalker. Price just discarded a card to change its color. Kastle was then forced to use Crippling Fatigue twice to kill the Tiger and then watch helplessly as Price discarded to Wild Mongel to drop Kastle to four and then finished him off with Shower of Coals again.

Final Result: Price 2- Kastle 0

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