Round 8: Eric Froehlich vs. Gabriel Nassif

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A pair of rising stars clashed first thing Saturday morning as 6-1 Eric Froehlich took on 6-1 Gabriel Nassif. "E-fro" always seems to wind up taking home a sizable check after each event and "Yellow Hat" helped Les Plus Classe take 2nd at the most recent team Pro Tour.

Froehlich greeted his opponent with "Wanna swap decks?" Forehlich bounced around through several colors during the draft and no three of them gave him 23 spells he was happy with. However, Nassif's draft can't have gone much better since he drafted a blue-black deck when the guy feeding him two-thirds of the time (Froehlich) was also drafting blue-black.

Nassif had Stupefying Touch ready to stop Froehlich's first Looter, but the second one stuck. Nassif's Sadistic Hypnotist was painful since Froehlich's hand was so good, but all that did was postpone the inevitable. Froehlich's deck had better cards than Nassif's and the Looter allowed him to access more of them. When Nassif played out the last card in his hand, Froehlich's Looter even got to team up with a Repel to send Rotting Giant to the graveyard, clearing a path for Froehlich's army.

Game 2 was a battle of attrition. The players traded creatures for removal throughout the early game, with Froehlich winding up ahead thanks to an Unhinge an Nassif's mulligan. Nassif did draw into Possessed Aven and he got himself to threshold, but he was forced to trade both the Aven and a Cephalid Looter for Froehlich's Nantuko Shade. Since the Shade had knocked Nassif down to 6, Froehlich's other creatures had little trouble finishing him off.

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