Round 9: Terry Tsang vs. Kai Budde

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Terry Tsang is painfully aware of Kai's two Kamahls and hopes they aren't a factor. Kai, however, is unaware of Tsang's Bomb Squad, but he should be able to deal with that a little easier.

The two 7-1 competitors wished each other good luck and starting in on the beatings.

Kai came out blazing in Game 1 with Diligent Farmhand and Wild Mongrel, while all Tsang had was two Stern Judges (and Kai wasn't even playing black). The Judges got a lot better when Tsang dropped Divine Sacrament (Kai: "That got to you?!"), but Kai left the Mongrel on defense and everyone stopped attacking. When Kai played his second Mountain, Tsang held his breath in anticipation of Kamahl, but it was not to be. Kai merely played a Krosan Avenger.

When Tsang got greedy and attacked with his Judges, Kai Repelled one, and blocked the other with his Mongrel, pitching a card to make it white (and a beneficiary of Tsang's Sacrament – how unfair!).

Tsang: "That turn didn't go as well as I'd hoped."

It got worse for Tsang when Deep Analysis allowed Kai to find Kamahl. All of Tsang's blockers were systematically removed, and the White Mongrel finished the job.

Tsang 0 – Budde 1

Tsang leads off Game 2 with a Mad Dog, after which Kai dropped the Wild Mongrel.

Kai: "Yay for the dog fights!"

Tsang gave his dog a Crackling Club, however, and Kai decided the Mongrel was willing to trade straight up for the enchanted Mad Dog.

An Aven Cloudchaser gave him back the Club, and he added a new Mad Dog and a Stern Judge to the fray. Unfortunately, Kai had a Temporary Insanity during Tsang's next attack, and the Canadian's creatures smashed into one another. Kai brought forth a Springing Tiger, Nantuko Disciple, and a Pardic Arsonist (3 to the dome), and all Terry drew was a lone Ember Beast and a handful of land.

Final Result: Tsang 0 – Budde 2

Tsang: "Those games weren't even close. How unsatisfying."

Budde moves to 8-1.

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