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"All you judges, listen carefully," Brian Davis will explain this only once Saturday Players
"And attack!" Sunday Players
"Can we get a picture with you, please?" Sunday Players
"Come and get me," Dirk Baberowski to Brian Kibler Friday Players
"Did you smell my hat?" Jeff Fung Saturday Players
"Good luck and may the best win," Dutch sportsmanship Friday Players
"I dare you," Svend Geertsen Sunday Players
"It'a tough life getting up this early to play in the Pro Tour but the prize money makes it worthwhile" Sunday Players
"Me know nothing," good boy Noah Boeken Friday Players
"Nice guy" Brian Kibler Friday Players
"Not that camera again?" Chris Benafel Saturday Players
"The bald and the... well, Felix" Sunday Staff
"What about I attack you with everything?" Svend Geertsen Sunday Players
"Which of these three cards would be best?" Brian Davis Sunday Players
"You're ok, I'm ok," Antoine Ruel Friday Players
...Noah Boeken Friday Players
A benign looking Nitter Sunday Players
A big warm welcome overlooking the Esplanade in Nice Thursday Site
A fair hand after the first pack Friday Players
A fast and lethal Matt Linde Saturday Players
A humble Benjamin Niedrig Sunday Players
A little doubtful maybe, Alan Comer Friday Players
A peek over Eivind Nitter shoulder Sunday Players
A perky Svend Geertsen Friday Players
A proud Ed Fear is forcing a major comeback Saturday Players
A rather relaxed audience Sunday Players
A shaky picture as a result of a handshake between true friends Sunday Players
A shining Tom van de Logt, current World Champion Friday Players
A smiling Brian Davis Sunday Players
A spacious bright area full of players Friday Site
A surprising Mikko Punakallio from Finland faced off against Kai Budde in round 11 Saturday Players
A very nice mix of nationalities at this table Sunday Players
Abraham on the lookout for a burning bush Saturday Players
Abraham Snepvangers carefully prepares his next move Saturday Players
Alan Comer aims to beat his opponent in the all-time money race Saturday Players
Alan Comer is renown for his rather peculiar tech Saturday Players
Alan Comer versus Nicolai Herzog in round 9 Saturday Players
Alan Comer versus Trevor Blackwell in round 11 Saturday Players
Albertus Law from Singapore Friday Players
Alen Comer versus Itaru Ishida Friday Players
Alex Borteh, runner-up at last year's World Championships Saturday Players
Alex Shvartsman versus Andrea Dato Friday Players
Alex Shvartsman versus Terry Tsang in round 12 Saturday Players
American Adam Fisher has a huge task facing Japan's upcoming talent Saturday Players
American get-together: Eugene Harvey, Osyp Lebedowicz and Gerard Fabiano discuss the results of the first round Friday Players
An excited Brian Davis Saturday Players
An impressive Acropolis exhibition center Sunday Staff
And we have a new winner Sunday Players
Another Osaka Top 8'er Christophe Haim, the feather is for luck Friday Players
Antoine Ruel looks up from under his bright blue cowboy hat, trying to make Americans feel at home? Friday Players
Anton Jonsson from Sweden Sunday Players
Anton Jonsson made several Pro Tour Top 8's already Sunday Players
Anton Jonsson seems to slip into Top 8s unnoticed Sunday Players
Artist Matt Caviotta says hi to Kylie. Minogue? Friday Staff
At the land station Saturday Players
Be ready to run. Eric "Cheerful" Froehlich. Saturday Players
Ben Rubin almost made his choice Friday Players
Ben Rubin probably didn't look much different ten years ago Saturday Players
Ben Rubin tries 'innocent' Friday Players
Ben Rubin versus Eugene Harvey, defending the American colours Friday Players
Ben Rubin versus Patrick Mello in round 10 Saturday Players
Benedikt Klauser versus Michael Pustilnik in round 9 Saturday Players
Benjamin Niedrig from Switzerland Sunday Players
Benjamin Niedrig puts Switzerland on the Magic map Sunday Players
Benjamin Niedrig versus Svend Geertsen in the quarterfinals Sunday Players
Bill Stead and colours that don't match Saturday Players
Bill Stead versus Nicolai Herzog in round 13 Saturday Players
Bird's eye view of the site Friday Site
Black and white, Dutch Kamiel Cornelissen and Norwegian Nicolai Herzog Saturday Players
Booh! Budde is doing it again Friday Players
Bram has a plan Sunday Players
Bram Snepvangers can tell you all about the Naples bus system Sunday Players
Bram Snepvangers from the Netherlands Sunday Players
Bram Snepvangers is not really a passionate player Sunday Players
Bram Snepvangers looking sharp Sunday Players
Bram Snepvangers versus Jeff Fung in round 13 Saturday Players
Brian Davis came a long way since his 2000 Rookie of the Year title, no longer the shy kid Sunday Players
Brian Davis from the USA Sunday Players
Brian Davis versus Anton Jonsson in the quarterfinals Sunday Players
Brian Davis versus Bram Snepvangers in the semifinals Sunday Players
Brian Davis versus Eivind Nitter in round 12 Saturday Players
Brian Davis versus Terry Tsang in round 8 Saturday Players
Brian Hegstad awaits his turn Friday Players
Brian Hegstad faces Steve OMS in round 1, opposites attract Friday Players
Brian Kibler - sigh - it must be the spotlights Friday Players
Brian Kibler isn't doing anything Saturday Players
Brian Kibler versus Pierre Malherbaud: "Wow" Friday Players
By now, everyone found themselves a spot in front of a television screen to watch the quarterfinals Sunday Players
Checking out the standings of fellow Italians Saturday Players
Chris Benafel is always happy to listen to your advice on deck building Saturday Players
Chris Benafel steaming despite having lost lots of his cards in the rain yesterday Friday Players
Chris Benafel versus Bram Snepvanger in round 11 Saturday Players
Chris Page wants you Friday Staff
Christian Lührs tries a "stare of death" Saturday Players
Christian Lührs versus Alex Borteh in round 8 Saturday Players
Christophe Haim versus Chris Benafel in round six Friday Players
Convincingly cold eyes, Jan Tomcani from the Slovak Republic Friday Players
Crooked face... Friday Players
Curious onlookers Friday Players
Danish Svend Geertsen is coming back strong Saturday Players
Darwin Kastle is afraid of his own card Friday Players
Dave Humpherys versus Nicols Olivieri in round six Friday Players
David Price Saturday Players
David Price versus Darwin Kastle in round six Friday Players
Despite what this might look like, Peter Szigeti gets smashed Saturday Players
Dirk Baberowski is a sunshine mood Saturday Players
Dirk Baberowski, buddy of Budde Friday Players
Dirk Baberowski, member of the famous German Phoenix Foundation Friday Players
Dizzy Davis Saturday Players
Ed Fear is a fan of the Sideboard, the French edition Friday Players
Ed Fear, back on track Saturday Players
Eivind is out shopping in Nice now... Sunday Players
Eivind Nitter and the guy who invented his title of "70s pornstar" Sunday Players
Eivind Nitter from Norway Sunday Players
Eivind Nitter is amazing: he lost the first two games, then came back winning the match Sunday Players
Eivind Nitter is the nice kind of Magic player, who explains what he's doing to Sideboard reporter Aaron Forsythe Sunday Players
Eivind Nitter versus Olivier Ruel in round 7 Friday Players
Eivind Nitter versus Svend Geertsen in the semifinals Sunday Players
Eivind Nitter welcomes Geertsen's cards with open arms Sunday Players
English Scott Wills and his girlfriend Friday Players
Enjoying the likeliness of yet another second day in a Pro Tour, Kai Budde Friday Players
Eric Froehlich making publicity Saturday Players
Eric Froehlich sneaky Saturday Players
Eric Froehlich versus Gabriel Nassif in round 8 Saturday Players
Eric Taylor Saturday Players
Erich Froehlich building his deck Saturday Players
Eugene Harvey "And go" Friday Players
Eugene Harvey versus Jens Thoren, similar reserved personalities facing off in round 9 Saturday Players
Everyone wants to know what is happening to Jon Finkel Saturday Players
Fashionista Pete Szigeti in tiger design this season Friday Players
Federico Faenza, the Godfather of Italian Magic Sunday Staff
Feel sorry for this man Saturday Players
Finnish Mikko Punakallio pushed to 'smile for the camera' Saturday Players
Former Italian National Champion Tommaso Natale Saturday Players
Former Pro Tour player Jon Finkel Friday Players
French Damien Guillemard and American John Grant provide you with all the DCI information you need Friday Staff
French Farid Meraghni is currently leading the 'Rookie of the Year' race Friday Players
Friggin' Reverend Saturday Staff
Gabriel Nassif is definitely one of the players the locals are routing for Saturday Players
Gabriel Nassif versus Gary Talim in round 11 Saturday Players
Gary Talim being butchered Sunday Players
Gary Talim came out of the blue and is leading the Americans at this point Saturday Players
Gary Talim from the USA Sunday Players
Gary Talim is a first timer in this Pro Tour Top 8 Sunday Players
Gary Talim versus Eivind Nitter in the quarterfinals Sunday Players
Gary Wise and Randy Buehler compete, size wise Friday Players
Gary Wise versus Eric Froehlich in round 12 Saturday Players
Gary Wise versus Katsuhiro Mori in round 2 Friday Players
Gary Wise waits in quiet expectation Saturday Players
German Christophe Lippert shows off his key cards Friday Players
Getting ready for another magical day Friday Players
Gravity does not affect the winner of this Pro Tour Sunday Players
Harvey went from a "relatively unknown" US National Team member, who many speculated couldn't get the job done, to a Grand Prix Championship and a 6-0 showing during the draft portion of Worlds Saturday Players
He will not be run over, Pierre Malherbaud is in for day 2 Friday Players
Head Judge Cyril Grillon Sunday Staff
Head Judge Cyril Grillon calls the draft, black coffee close at hand Saturday Staff
Head Judge Cyril Grillon makes sure everyone understands the DCI rules. Judge James Lee does not miss a syllable Friday Staff
Heather Hudson created Wall of Blossoms, this month's Friday Night Magic card Friday Staff
Hiding again, Anton Jonsson in his round 14 match-up against Nicolai Herzog Saturday Players
House photographer Craig Cudnohufsky Friday Staff
Inspiring Sunday Players
Is my hair still ok. There's camera's around. Sunday Players
It is lonely at the top Saturday Players
Itaru Ishida gives his opponent the Asian stare Friday Players
Jan Tomcani versus Frederico Bastos in round 3 Friday Players
Japanese Katsuhiro Mori Friday Players
Jeff Cunningham hasn't seen a hairdresser in a very long time Friday Players
Jeff Fung Saturday Players
Jeff Fung: "This is what will win me my match!" Saturday Players
Jelger Wiegersma turned out to be the best player Friday Players
Jelger Wiegersma, another Menno D fan. What is the secret? Friday Players
Jens Thoren is considered as one of Sweden's best players but still lacks some consistently good performances Friday Players
Jens Thoren is definitely one of the favourites in Nice Friday Players
Jens Thoren, a Top 2 finish in San Diego and a Top 4 appearance in Osaka, first in Nice? Saturday Players
Jens Thoren: there is a sense of humor behind the quiet mask Friday Players
Jeroen Remie versus Zev Gurwitz in the last round of the day Saturday Players
John Grant at side events Sunday Staff
Jon Finkel Saturday Players
Jon Finkel is falling off the gravy train Friday Players
Judges James Lee and Marc Hernandez question each other on their knowledge of the rules Saturday Staff
Kai Budde from Germany Sunday Players
Kai Budde is not too confident about his draft Sunday Players
Kai Budde never has a different plan but win it all Saturday Players
Kai Budde versus Bram Snepvangers in the quarterfinals Sunday Players
Kai Budde versus Svend Geertsen in round 10 Saturday Players
Kai Budde versus Svend Geertsen in the last round of the day Friday Players
Kai Budde versus Terry Tsang in round 9 Saturday Players
Kai Budde, famous member of the Menno D fanclub Friday Players
Kai has two Kamahls in his deck, "No way you'll get passed those." Saturday Players
Kamiel Cornelissen Saturday Players
Kamiel Cornelissen versus Nicolai Herzog in round 8 Saturday Players
Kamiel Cornelissen, the Dutch calculating machine who finally got his win at Grand Prix-Heidelberg Saturday Players
Katsuhiro Mori does not lose his self control faced up against the World Champion Saturday Players
Katsuhiro Mori is a favourite of the Sideboard reporters, he plays so fast Saturday Players
Katsuhiro Mori is up there and seems satisfied with his picks Saturday Players
Katsuhiro Mori needs all his patience Friday Players
Katsuhiro Mori: "This is how we play Magic in Japan." Friday Players
Keita Mori is covering the finals for the Japanese Sideboard Sunday Players
Ken Ho, winner of Pro Tour-Osaka Friday Players
Kuneko eagerly picks a card Saturday Players
Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the Pro Tour, Eivind Nitter! Sunday Players
Last year's French Champion and winner of Grand Prix Naples, Pierre Malherbaud Friday Players
Launching a new hairstyle in Canada, Jeff Cunningham Friday Players
Like Alan Comer, Trevor Blackwell needs to win this match in order to have a shot at the Top 8 Saturday Players
Local nice guy, Pierre Malherbaud Friday Players
Lots of squirrels Sunday Players
Magic fans Friday Players
Magic is of all ages Friday Players
Magic: The Gathering Sunday Players
Masanuri Kuneko versus Adam Fisher in round ten Saturday Players
Matt Linde versus Christian Lührs in round 11 Saturday Players
Matt Vienneau doing his spring shopping Friday Players
Michael Turian leaves no doubt about his country of origin Friday Players
Mike Pustilnik is 3-1 going into round 6 Friday Players
Mikey P versus Noah B Friday Players
Nele Van der borght polishing up her Norwegian with judge Rune Horvik and Nicolai Herzog, who was one game away from making Top 8 Sunday Players
New Yorker Zev Gurwitz goes red-green Saturday Players
Nicolai Herzog Saturday Players
Nicolai Herzog briefly interrupts the interview to pose for the camera. Ah, the life of the famous. Saturday Players
Nicolai Herzog trying to make Top 8 Saturday Players
Nicolai Herzog, former European Champion Saturday Players
Nicolas Olivieri - Top 8 in Pro Tour-Osaka - is not impressed Friday Players
Noah "make sure you don't catch me in the wrong light" Boeken Friday Players
Noah Boeken caught by surprise by Jens Thoren Friday Players
Noah Boeken found a new sponsor Friday Players
Noah Boeken versus Antoine Ruel in round 3 Friday Players
Noah Boeken versus Katsuhiro Mori in round 7 Friday Players
Noah Boeken: even if he didn't make day 2, he is the champ of the feature match faces Friday Players
Not too sure yet which direction to go, Peter Szigeti Saturday Players
Nothing as functional as your ID for a counter, Jun Nobushita came second at the APAC Championships in 2001 Friday Players
Now really Dave, is that beard necessary to frighten your opponent? Friday Players
Old and new glory Friday Players
Old time glory Svend Geertsen goes in third at the start of day 2 Saturday Players
Olivier Ruel Friday Players
Olivier Ruel in an unusual serious session Friday Players
Olivier Ruel lost faith and didn't make day 2 Friday Players
One of Magic players' favorites, David Price Friday Players
One of the leading Americans at the start of the second day, Brian Davis Saturday Players
Ouch, that hurts! Sunday Players
Our mannequin for the weekend, Mike Pustilnik showing the Pro Tour shirt Friday Players
Oyvind Odegaard has been around for ages Friday Players
Paolo Lombardi is overjoyed with two 'Finkels', one of which was a third pick Saturday Players
Patrick Mello sees Magic on the other side of the table Friday Players
Patrick Mello, Germany's eternal second Saturday Players
Peter Szigeti and Dirk Baberowski at the start of round 10 - Mark Rosewater doesn't believe his eyes Saturday Players
Peter Szigeti left the leopards at home and goes for an ordinary sponsor shirt Saturday Players
Peter Szigeti versus Jeff Fung in round 12 Saturday Players
Pierre Malherbaud versus Albertus Law in round 3 Friday Players
Players draft more carefully for a Top 8 Sunday Players
Portuguese star player Frederico Bastos Friday Players
Pretty fly for a white guy Friday Players
Promising new Japanese talent Masanuri Kaneko is only 17 and on his first Pro Tour Saturday Players
PTQ registration Saturday Players
Pushing and shoving to check the draft pods Friday Players
Pustilnik crushed Klauser on his way to a Pro Tour win in Los Angeles last year Saturday Players
Random guy with a cool shirt Friday Players
Raphaël Lévy in one of his rare serious moods Friday Players
Raphaël Lévy versus Jeff Cunningham in round 2 Friday Players
Ron Spencer, one of the artists on site Friday Staff
Rune Horvik calls the draft under bright red banners Friday Players
Satoshi Nakamura eats his moustache - hardly anything left Friday Players
Satoshi Nakamura versus Itaru Ishida in round 1 Friday Players
Scandinavian feature match: Svend Geertsen versus Oyvind Odegaard Friday Players
Scott Johns' subtle way of hinting Friday Players
Scott Johns would do anything for our Magic stars Sunday Players
Seeking Winnie the Pooh's advice, Olivier Ruel Friday Players
Seize the day! Friday Players
Sideboard's Thomas Pannell and Event Manager Jeff Donais: "This is where I want my picture to appear" and so it happened Saturday Staff
Smiling his teeth bare, Pro Tour icon Alex Shvartsman Friday Players
Smug looking Jonsson Sunday Players
Sol Malka carries the Grand Prix-Tampa trophy in his pocket Friday Players
Somehow the combination of neatly combed hair with the devil t-shirt are not convincing Saturday Players
Steve O'Mahoney Schwartz doesn't have a clue Friday Players
Surprise surprise, the actual owner of the blue hat; the somewhat eccentric Eivind Nitter Friday Players
Svend Geertsen Saturday Players
Svend Geertsen clearly has the upper hand Sunday Players
Svend Geertsen from Denmark Sunday Players
Svend Geertsen has a plan Saturday Players
Svend Geertsen has probably been around the longest of all Top 8 players Sunday Players
Svend Geertsen thinks the answer is to be found on the other side of the table Friday Players
Svend Geertsen versus Mikko Punakallio in round 13 Saturday Players
Svend Geertsen waves at you Sunday Players
Taking his beatings with a wry smile, Gabriel Nassif Saturday Players
Talking about icons, the French Ruel brothers paired up against one another Friday Players
Tea for two Friday Players
Tension is building up for Nicolai Herzog, who is that close to making Top 8 Saturday Players
Terry Tsang takes on the challenge and is enjoying every second of it Saturday Players
Terry Tsang was part of the Magic Colony and is now leading Magic Online with his team Southeast Locals Saturday Players
Terry Tsang, practicing to become sumo wrestler Saturday Players
That hat is making history: Antoine Ruel Friday Players
The artist David Martin, famous for land and jewelry Friday Staff
The artists, a fresh looking bunch Sunday Staff
The audience can follow the Top 8 on the screens. Randy Buehler, Gary Wise and Brian Kibler are commenting in English, Antoine and Olivier Ruel in French Sunday Players
The audience does not share the tension that can be felt around the tables below Saturday Players
The best Dutch players of this Pro Tour congratulate each other, Bram Snepvangers and Alex Witt Sunday Players
The cameras are rolling, the quarterfinals of Pro tour-Nice are on air Sunday Players
The confidence in Christian Lührs' face is no accident Saturday Players
The current European Champion Eivind Nitter from Norway is at a loss Saturday Players
The draft has begun, the first day of the Pro Tour is on its way Friday Players
The European Champion Eivind Nitter is sure to put up a show Sunday Players
The feature matches of round 1 Friday Players
The first table of the fourth draft attracted the usual crowd Saturday Players
The judges team Friday Staff
The match that is repeated almost every day in Hamburg, Patrick Mello versus Kai Budde Friday Players
The Menno D fanclub, an IRC joke that got out of hand Friday Players
The nose and the yellow. Gabriel Nassif? Friday Players
The Pro Tour top 4 Sunday Players
The Pro Tour wouldn't be the same without Satoshi Nakamura, or at least it wouldn't be as colourful Friday Players
The soft-spoken Austrian Benedikt Klauser Saturday Players
The third draft of Pro Tour-Nice has just begun Saturday Players
The Top 8 draft has begun Sunday Players
The Top 8 of Pro Tour-Nice Sunday Players
The Trekkie, Rob Dougherty Friday Players
The trophies for everyone to see Saturday Players
The unthinkable happened, Kai Budde lost in a Pro Tour Top 8 Sunday Players
There are over 300 players, seated at over 40 tables and the Ruel brothers end up next to one another at the draft. It is that hard to win a tournament. Friday Players
There is a judge for every player Sunday Players
This one is for the ladies, Nicolai Herzog Saturday Players
Thomas Gundersen versus Eric Froehlich in round 13 Saturday Players
Thomas Gundersen. Where are all these Norwegian players coming from? Saturday Players
Tom van de Logt and his goatee Saturday Players
Tom van de Logt versus Katsuhiro Mori in round 14 Saturday Players
Tomi Walamies, one of Finland's strongest players Friday Players
Two Mikes, one feature match Friday Players
Upcoming Italian talent Andrea Dato was mistaken for his big brother Friday Players
We think Itaru Ishida is very excited about his move in this picture, this may also not be the case Friday Players
Weird way of judge certification Friday Staff
Who cares about life totals? Saturday Players
Will Alan Comer come up with another of his famous wacky decks? Saturday Players
Wizards' Andy Heckt and judge Rune Horvik try to get some order at the Pro Tour Qualifier Saturday Staff
Wooha, the spirit of Josh Bennett is making an appearance! Saturday Players
Would Gis Hoogendijk have a problem with favoritism? Sunday Players
Zev Gurwitz' big smile Saturday Players
Zvi Mowshowitz is ready Friday Players
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