Pierre Malherbaud vs. Gabriel Nassif

Feature Match - Round 2:

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Feature Match: Gabriel Nassif vs. Pierre MalherbaudThis match saw two of France's top Pro Tour players face off in a Charbelcher mirror match. Their decks aren't quite the same, as Malherbaud is splashing black for the consistency of Vampiric Tutor, while Nassif is mono-blue.

Game 1

Malherbaud mulliganed his opening hand, joking, "That was only a turn five kill, not a chance." Nassif started with Ancient Tomb and Grim Monolith, but Malherbaud's first turn was better- Ancient Tomb, Chrome Mox, Grim Monolith, Goblin Charbelcher, "Go." Things seemed bad for Nassif, but he matched Malherbaud, Tinkering for Gilded Lotus and playing his own turn two Charbelcher. Brainstorm drew Malherbaud into Rushing River, which bounced back Nassif's Lotus and Charbelcher. This seemed to put Nassif far behind but he bounced right back, playing Grim Monolith, Voltaic Key and the Charbelcher. On his next turn he Tinkered Grim Monolith into Gilded Lotus and cast Mana Severance with enough mana to activate the Charbelcher, and Malherbaud conceded.

Malherbaud 0 - Nassif 1

Game 2

Pierre Malherbaud gets ready to belchThis time, Nassif mulliganed his opening hand. Malherbaud started with Chrome Mox, City of Traitors and Talisman of Dominance, and cast Mana Severance to rid his deck of lands on the first turn. Vampiric Tutor led to Tinker and the Charbelcher, and a third turn kill.

Malherbaud 1 - Nassif 1

Game 3

Nassif had Ancient Tomb and Talisman of Progress, and Malherbaud made the same play but his Talisman was countered with Annul. Nassif played a second Talisman and Mana Severance, and had Tinker on the following turn for the Charbelcher and the win.

Malherbaud 1 - Nassif 2

Nassif flustered

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