Gabriel Nassif vs. Felix Schneiders

Feature Match - Round 9:

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The letter G!abriel Nassif has come a long way since being the "relatively unknown" player on underdog team Les Plus Class at Pro Tour New York a few years back, where he first made an impact on the tournament scene. Since then, he's had a great run on the Masters, Grand Prix and Pro Tour circuit, and has become one of Europe's most consistent finishers. His opponent, Felix Schneiders, is best known as a member of the German National Team that took down America in Sydney to win the championship.

Game 1

Nassif mulliganed his opening hand. On turn two, Schneiders played Damping Matrix, but Nassif countered it with Force Spike. He then untapped, played Talisman of Progress, and cast Mana Severance. Schneiders summoned Metalworker, and Nassif played Tinker. With three mana available, he was able to activate Goblin Charbelcher right away and win.

Nassif 1 - Schneiders 0

Jeff Cunningham, in another feature match- "Did you win?"

Nassif- "I got a decent draw."

Game 2

This time, Schneiders mulliganed down to six. He opened with Voltaic Key, and missed his second land drop. Despite casting Brainstorm, Nassif missed his second land drop as well. Even a second Brainstorm didn't provide a land, and Nassif knew he would have to wait at least two turns to get a land. Eventually he found one, and in the meanwhile Schneiders was still stuck with just a Shivan Reef, and even had to discard Grim Monolith on end step with a Voltaic Key out. Nassif cast Mana Severance, and had Tinker on the following turn to win the match.

Nassif 2 - Schneiders 0

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