The Magic Colony at Pro Tour Osaka

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The entire Magic Colony and affiliates were in attendance at Pro Tour Osaka, the culmination of the experiment. After over a month of living together, testing, arguing and having an overall fun time, the colony has emerged with what they think are the best possible builds of the best possible decks in the OBC format.

The colony believed the metagame would consist of mainly mono-green squirrel decks, blue-green decks, other decks based around compulsion and Psychatog and mono-black decks. In testing, the green deck was beating almost every other deck. Brian Kibler and Ben Rubin, associates of the colony, designed a U/R/b Compulsion/Psychatog deck that beat the same decks the green deck was beating and would beat the green decks with Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor after sideboarding.

Ben Rubin, Brian Kibler, Chris Benafel, Brian Hegstad, Brett Shears, William "Baby Huey" Jensen, Brock Parker, Alex Borteh, Matt Linde and Phil Freneau chose to run the U/R/b deck. Meanwhile, Peter Szigeti chose to run the mono-green deck and Ken Ho, Terry Tsang and Jeff Fung chose to play U/G.

Everyone truly believed the deck they chose was the best deck in the format, though there were many arguments between people over which one was the best. Chris Benafel thought that, while the U/R/b deck might be slightly better, it would almost be worth playing the mono-green deck for its ease of play and greater consistency. Brian Hegstad argued that a better, more practiced, player would be able to take the Psychatog deck and outplay their opponents more with it. In the end, everyone stuck with their instincts, and there were no last minute deck changes.

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