Day 1 Deck Totals

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The field on Day One came down to a whole lot of Blue/Green and Mono Black decks. Here's the final totals on how many of each deck type were played on Friday.

Blue/Green Madness: 79 Total (28.5%)
Mono Black: 75 Total (21.7%)
Black/Blue Psychatog: 36 Total (13.0%)
Mono Green: 19 Total (6.9%)
Red/Green Beats: 17 Total (6.1%)
B/U/R Magic Colony: 10 Total (3.6%)
Black/Blue Beatdown: 9 Total (3.3%)
Black/Green Zombies!: 7 Total (2.5%)
G/U/W w/ Enforcer: 7 Total (2.5%)
Black/Blue Zombies!: 5 Total (1.8%)
Green/White Madness: 3 Total (1.1%)
Green/White Enforcer: 2 Total (0.7%)
88 Card Traumatize: 2 Total (0.7%)
Green/Blue Beatdown: 1 Total (0.4%)
Buried Alive: 1 Total (0.4%)
Zombify Reanimator: 1 Total (0.4%)
White Weenie w/ Blue: 1 Total (0.4%)
R/G/W Mystic Enforcer: 1 Total (0.4%)

(Each percentage is rounded to the nearest hundreth)

Taking the above into consideration, here are the colors that were played during the first day of competition:

Blue: 150 Total (54.2%)
Black: 146 Total (52.7%)
Green: 137 Total (49.5%)
Red: 28 Total (10.1%)
White: 13 Total (4.7%)

Clearly this enviroment is skewed towards three colors (Blue/Black/Green). Red and White combined showed up in less than 15% of the decks, and of those, only one deck in the entire tournament (the White Weenie) had a majority of White or Red spells.

On the other hand, the other three flavors in Magic appeared in every single deck. A full 100% of the decks features Black, Blue and Green spells, although only the Black and Green decks appeared in the mono-colored variety.

Mono Colored Decks: 95 Total
Two Color Decks: 162 Total
Three Color Decks: 18 Total
(*)Five Color Decks: 1 Total (Note: The Reanimator deck featured cards of all five colors, but only had Black and Green mana sources)

Although there are multiple mana filtering lands in the format (the dual lands in Odyssey, the Black-duals in Torment, and the common sacrifice lands), most players chose to stick to either mono or dual colored decks. Even more surprisingly, most of the two color decks are Blue/Green, which have virtually no way to smooth out their mana base, and must hope to balance their draws between basic Forests and basic Islands.

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