Round 4: William Jensen vs. Brian Kibler

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Huey was sporting his all-foil U/R/b deck against Kibler's identical, although non-foil, deck. The two tested together for this tournament along with Ben Rubin and the rest of the Magic Colony. Kibler needs 7 Pro Points at this tournament to qualify for the Masters Series, and Huey is almost on the Masters himself. The problem is, both of them are sporting 1-2 records thus far; the loser will not be playing on Saturday.

Game 1

They got right into the burn race, Huey casting Fiery Temper and Violent Eruption, Kibler casting a Violent Eruption of his own. Huey got out a Psychatog, and got in some more damage. He discarded Violent Eruption number two to his Psychatog. Brian got out a Psychatog of his own, it took two Aether Bursts to get rid of, but Huey did it and Kibler said, "I die."

William Jensen 1 – Brian Kibler 0

Game 2

Kibler elected to be the primary gamer. He got out an early Psychatog, dealt some early damage to Huey until Huey could draw Edict. Jensen got out a Psychatog of his own, along with a Cephalid Looter. Kibler cast Upheaval and followed it up with a Psychatog. Brian said "I win," then Huey scooped.

William Jensen 1 – Brian Kibler 1

Game 3

Kibler kept his hand after he muliganned down to five. However, he got a second turn Compulsion which helped him cycle through to some of the better cards in his deck. Huey cast Haunting Echoes to remove the one card, Violent Eruption, in Kibler's graveyard. The two got into a Psychatog battle which ended up in a trade of the two Psychatogs. Kibler then cast another one and sent it into the red zone. He began cycling more to Compulsion to fuel his Psychatog. A few turns later Kibler was doing Psychatog/Compulsion math, and figured he had one or two turns left before he could kill Huey. Kibler cast Upheaval/Psychatog again and Huey scooped.

Brian Kibler 2 – William Jensen 1

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