Round 5: Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz vs. Alex Shvartsman

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In the weeks before the Pro Tour, Alex Shvartsman posted articles revealing his testing for the tournament to the general public, he said he hoped the testing would help find the Uber-deck in the format, his 2-2 record would dictate that this effort did not come to fruition. Two of the most traveled and accomplished professional Magic players square off in round 5 of Pro Tour Osaka. Alex is a four time Grand Prix Champion, Steve has won three of his own. The loser of this match will not be playing on Day Two. Alex said his chances of winning the match are around 20% and both joked about how the match wouldn't take very long.

Game 1

Steve got out a first turn Basking Rootwalla and sent in for three the next two turns. Alex got a Shambling Swarm which he traded with the Rootwalla. Steve had three Deserted Temples in play after Alex cast Rancid Earth twice. Shvartsman then cast Mind Sludge forcing OMS to discard six cards. Alex cast Laquatus' Champion then Nantuko Shade. Steve finally got two forests then cast a Squirrel Nest. Steve was fending off the two large creatures with all of his squirrels and eventually got a Wild Mongrel and an elephant token into play. The squirrels continued mounting up until Steve eventually cast Overrun.

Steve OMS 1 – Alex Shvartsman 0

Game 2

Alex elected to start off the second game. He started off with a Swamp, while OMS started with another Basking Rootwalla. Shvartsman cast Rancid Earth on a forest while Steve cast a Still Life. The Still Life quickly brought Alex's life total down to zero. Shvartsman commented on his inability to draw anything but land in the game.

Final Result: Steve OMS 2 – Alex Shvartsman 0

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