Round 6: Peter Szigeti vs. Mike Pustilnik

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Peter Szigeti
This match featured Peter Szigeti, the bad boy of Magic, against mainstay Michael Pustilnik. Michael Pustilnik, known as Mikey P, has won two Grand Prix, a Pro Tour and a Masters Series. Peter Szigeti has had a number of high places at Grand Prix, including a win in Turin, Italy last year. Both players enter this match with a 3-2 record, needing a 1-0-1 or better record to make Day Two of the Tournament. This match also marks one of the last chances for Magic Colony to have a showing in this Pro Tour.

Game 1

Peter was playing a mono-green deck against Mikey P's mono-black deck. Szigeti played Squirrel Mob and Squirrel Nest. Mikey cast Rancid Earth on the land Peter cast Squirrel Nest on. Peter followed up with a second Squirrel Nest and started mass-producing squirrels. Pustilnik cast Mind Sludge, forcing PTR to discard two Roar of the Wurms and an Overrun. Mikey P followed up with a Nantuko Shade and a Chainer's Edict to answer the first 6/6 beast. PTR played the second Roar of the Wurm and it got the Edict as well. Peter called it a game and scooped.

Michael Pustilnik 1 - Peter Szigeti 0

Game 2

Mike Pustilnik
Peter said, "Mikey, you're going to make me go to Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur," which would be one of Peter's last chances to stay on the Pro Tour Gravy Train and qualify for Pro Tour Nice. Peter elected to start first, laying a Forest and playing a Chatter of the Squirrel. Peter missed his third land drop, which Pustilnik followed up with a Rancid Earth on his only Forest. Mikey P cast Mutilate with five swamps in play against PTR's Wild Mongrel and two squirrel tokens, Szigeti responded discarding Still Life, Chatter of the Squirrel and Overrun to his Wild Mongrel. Pustilnik cast Tainted Pact to get a Chainer's Edict, which he cast to kill the mongrel, but Peter drew a forest and cast a second Wild Mongrel. Mikey P cast Rancid Earth on that forest, and attacked for six with the shade. Peter came back with his Wild Mongrel, then Pustilnik cast Chainer's Edict from the graveyard. Peter, with a Deserted Temple in play, realized that his efforts were useless and extended the hand.

Final Result: Michael Pustilnik 2 – Peter Szigeti 0

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