Pro Tour Osaka Photos

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Master of Disaster: Ken Ho Sunday Players
The Top 4 pose for your enjoyment Sunday Players
Gunslingers work hard to please the fans Sunday Players
Ken Ho's success is awarded with a Cup larger than his head Sunday Players
Semifinalist Rob Dougherty accepts his plaque for third place Sunday Players
Head Judge Collin Jackson shakes hands with Semifinalist Jens Thoren Sunday Players
Well-wishers throng the newly crowned Champ Sunday Players
Ruel extends the hand to Ken Ho in defeat Sunday Players
Just like everyone else this weekend, Ruel has to read Tarnished Citadel Sunday Players
Olivier Ruel desperately needs a swamp, and hopes funny faces will convince it to show up Sunday Players
It's lonely at the top Sunday Players
The Japanese are still in the best of moods! Sunday Players
Ruel counts up the kill Sunday Players
Ken Ho watches Olivier Ruel like a hawk Sunday Players
Jens Thoren is taken aback! Really! Sunday Players
Ho does his best to appear humble Sunday Players
Semifinal Action: Ken Ho v. Jens Thoren Sunday Players
Ken Ho allows himself a sneer Sunday Players
High-fives for a hard-fought match: Ruel and Olivieri Sunday Players
Osyp Lebedowicz and his snazzy personalized shirt Sunday Players
Olivieri hammers with Shambling Swarm and Braids Sunday Players
Nicolas Labarre and Antoine Ruel cheer on their countrymen Sunday Players
Rosewater, Buehler and Kibler rule the airwaves Sunday Staff
Japanese Commentators Masashiro Kuroda and Koichiro Maki Sunday Staff
The Quarterfinals come too early for spectators Sunday Players
Table Judge Adrian Teh sorts out a Quarterfinal disagreement in Ho v. Lauriol Sunday Players
Sylvain Lauriol is a thinking man's Magic player Sunday Players
Ken Ho takes his sweet time Sunday Players
Olivier Ruel demonstrates the french version of TINGS! Sunday Players
Quarterfinal Action: Dougherty v. Haim Sunday Players
Christophe Haim tries too keep the butterflies at bay Sunday Players
Rob Dougherty cocks an eyebrow Sunday Players
Quarterfinal Action: Lebedowicz v. Thoren Sunday Players
Jens Thoren, and he's actually SMILING! Sunday Players
The Top 8 show confidence and faux-confidence Sunday Players
Top 8 Portrait: Sylvain Lauriol Sunday Players
Top 8 Portrait: Ken Ho Sunday Players
Top 8 Portrait: Osyp Lebedowicz Sunday Players
Top 8 Portrait: Christoph Haim Sunday Players
Top 8 Portrait: Nicolas Olivieri Sunday Players
Top 8 Portrait: Olivier Ruel Sunday Players
Top 8 Portrait: Rob Dougherty Sunday Players
Top 8 Portrait: Jens Thoren Sunday Players
Top 8 dreams steal over Ken Ho's face Saturday Players
Childlike wonder or drug-induced stupor? You decide. Saturday Players
Fighting for pride, Tsuyoshi Ikeda and Tsuyoshi Fujita work side by side Saturday Players
The crowd reacts to surprise misplays Saturday Players
Belgium's smilin' Geoffrey Siron Saturday Players
Round 14 Feature Match: Ho v. Siron Saturday Players
Gary Wise, amateur pirate Saturday Players
Ben Rubin really wants this one Saturday Players
Round 14 Feature Match: Wise v. Rubin Saturday Players
Local talents and Fujita-apprentices Takao Higaki and Go Anan square off Saturday Players
Gabriel Nassif goes skyward in triumph! Saturday Players
Akira Asahara Butchers up a storm Saturday Players
Round 12 Feature Match: Asahara v. Nassif Saturday Players
A downright jolly Wilfried Ranque Saturday Players
Olivier Ruel is running out of steam Saturday Players
Attack of the French: Ruel v. Ranque Saturday Players
Eric Ziegler tries a Spock impression Saturday Players
Jens Thoren pumps the Shade Saturday Players
Round 12 Feature Match: Thoren v. Ziegler Saturday Players
Slightly less-than-diligent Judges Saturday Staff
All that, and style too! Saturday Players
Head Judge Collin Jackson is one sad panda Saturday Staff
Round 11 Action: Bram Snepvangers v. Jin Okamoto Saturday Players
Okamoto has all the mana in the world, and nothing to do with it Saturday Players
Snepvangers sports last year's shirt Saturday Players
Tsuyoshi Fujita is in for a world of hurt Saturday Players
Tsuyoshi Ikeda's Skeletal Scrying for seven clutters the board Saturday Players
Twice the Tsuyoshi! Saturday Players
The Patented Dave Price Stare: 2002 Edition Saturday Players
South Africa's first Pro Tour Feature Match: Andrew Mitchell, and he's menacing Saturday Players
Round 11 Feature Match: Mitchell v. Price Saturday Players
Mike Turian makes Psychatog, and hopes. Saturday Players
Gary Wise is wearing some form of man-dress Saturday Players
Round 11 Feature Match: Wise v. Turian. Potato Nation infighting! Saturday Players
The crack Sideboard Japan staff, hard at work Saturday Staff
More proof that size does not equal strength Saturday Players
High Muckety-mucks Skaff Elias, Chris Galvin, Diana Johns and Messieurs Satou and Yamaguchi Saturday Staff
The great unwashed masses check standings Saturday Players
Unbridled Chaos Saturday Players
Melody Smith, friend to children Saturday Players
No-one will tell Matt Vienneau something's wrong Saturday Players
Hot hot hot side event action Saturday Players
Questing Phelddagrif? Will that be 2D or 3D? Saturday Players
Cunningham turns cards sideways Saturday Players
Bastos's expression clearly reads "Oh no!" Saturday Players
Round 9 Feature Match: Brian Kibler v. Helmut Summersberger, as Alex Shvartsman tells the tale Saturday Players
Summersburger's smirk tells you this card's a good one Saturday Players
Kibler lets out his inner hippie Saturday Players
Eric Froehlich radiates confidence Saturday Players
Olivier Ruel botches his transformation, and can't escape Saturday Players
Round 9 Feature Match: Froehlich v. Ruel Saturday Players
Post-human Cyberpunk Dave Humpherys Saturday Players
Takakyuki Nagaoka's complacence is founded in strength Saturday Players
Dave Price is a laser, focused on victory! Saturday Players
Round 9 Action: Nagaoka v. King of Beatdown Saturday Players
"Last Emperor of Japan", Jin Okamoto Saturday Players
Japan's Best let it all hang out Saturday Players
Tsuyoshi Ikeda goes for "laid back" Saturday Players
Itaru Ishida and his mighty puffy jacket Saturday Players
"Jitterbug" Fujita has apparently moved on to ballet Saturday Players
"THE" Ben Seck is accosted by Japan Territory Manager Ron Foster Saturday Players
Round 8 Action: Darwin Kastle v. Takamasa Fukata Saturday Players
Kastle is a powder keg just waiting to go off Saturday Players
Fukata tries to match Kastle's severity Saturday Players
Rob Dougherty keeps a careful eye on the action Saturday Players
The rotation of the Earth takes its toll on Itaru Ishida Saturday Players
Dougherty springs into action! Saturday Players
Sideboard reporter Josh Bennett's rage boils over and he becomes ... The Incredible Hulk! Saturday Staff
Fujita tries to make it 8-0, with the help of his lucky scarf Saturday Players
Round 8 Feature Match: Jens Thoren v. Tsuyoshi Fujita Saturday Players
Thoren makes winning look dull Saturday Players
Round 8 Feature Match: Davis v. Wise Saturday Players
When you get Gary Wise, you get what you pay for Saturday Players
Brian Davis loves beating up on Gary Wise, and it shows Saturday Players
Japanese pros check out some side events Saturday Players
A diligent judge tries to extract himself from a scotch tape booby trap Saturday Staff
Melodie Smith is far more excited than reasonable Saturday Staff
Huey and Linde: Nature's Best Friends Saturday Players
YMG takes lunch, no doubt up to something shady in the bargain Saturday Players
Steve OMS forces a smile for the camera Friday Players
Kai Budde glowers as only he can Friday Players
Canada's own Jeff Cunningham Friday Players
Wunderkind Brian Davis Friday Players
Mike "Guaranteed Winner" Turian Friday Players
Gunslingers try their best to lose with style Friday Players
Dave Price is as surprised as you are that he's 6-1 Friday Players
The Japanese Megapowers ... Explode! Fujita v. Okamoto Friday Players
APAC Champ Jin Okamoto is having a ball! Friday Players
Tsuyoshi Ikeda live and in technicolor Friday Players
Tsuyoshi Fujita guns to make it 7-0 Friday Players
Eric Froehlich. Brutish. Friday Players
Olivier Ruel is ready to give this one away Friday Players
Jens Thoren refuses to play up to the crowd Friday Players
Rob Dougherty loves playing the Magic cards Friday Players
Round 7 Feature Match: Thoren v. Ruel Friday Players
Round 7 Feature Match: Kastle v. Dougherty Friday Players
When you stare at Darwin Kastle, Darwin Kastle stares back into you Friday Players
Jeff Donais sends a coded message to the law! Friday Staff
Olivier Ruel believes he has a cunning plan Friday Players
Prim and proper Rob Dougherty Friday Players
Round 6 Feature Match: Ruel v. Dougherty. Neither is paying much attention at this point Friday Players
Round 6 Feature Match: Eugene Harvey v. Andrea Santin Friday Players
Santin has already given up on the inside Friday Players
Zombie Harvey manages to quell the thirst for brains long enough to play Aether Burst Friday Players
Szigeti wonders how things could have gone so far wrong Friday Players
Round 6 Feature Match: Peter Szigeti v. Mike Pustilnik Friday Players
A trepidatious Doctor P Friday Players
Itaru Ishida likes everything just so Friday Players
Zvi Mowshowitz falling over, perhaps in a drunken stupor Friday Players
Round 6 Feature Match: Ishida v. Mowshowitz Friday Players
A meeting of the minds: Tournament Manager Jeff Donais, Head Judge Collin Jackson, and Judge Manager James Lee Friday Staff
Some players are already getting ready for side events Friday Players
WotC bigwigs Chris Galvin and Skaff Elias weather the storm of Mike Long Friday Staff
Diligent Judges tear through decklists in search of errors Friday Staff
Round 5 Feature Match: Ben Rubin v. Katsuhiro Mori. Rubin suspects something. Friday Players
Mild-mannered Jens Thoren uses Diabolic Tutor to get Mind Twist Friday Players
Superman Ben Rubin loves the camera Friday Players
Mori uses his speed powers to resleeve his deck Friday Players
Do you know this Dandy? Friday Players
Steve O'Mahoney-Shwartz is slowly sliding off his chair. Ben Rubin is captivated. Friday Players
Alex Shvartsman steps gingerly into The Red Zone Friday Players
Round 5 Feature Match: Shvartsman v. OMS Friday Players
Justin Gary Freak-Out Party! Friday Players
Gary matches wits with Thoren in Round 5 Friday Players
Brock Parker and Matt Linde yuk it up Friday Players
Gary Wise tries to calm down an overjoyed Ruel brother Friday Players
Raphael Levy hopes everything will work out Friday Players
Brian Hegstad gives his best deadpan stare Friday Players
Terry Tsang shills mercilessly Friday Players
Brian Kibler's always got a smile Friday Players
Pseudo-pinhead Peter Szigeti Friday Players
Gary Wise tries his best not to be creepy Friday Players
Chris Benafel has seen better days Friday Players
Grand Prix - Fukuoka Champ Alex Shvartsman Friday Players
Jonny Magic calls it a day with style Friday Players
Jeff Fung shows off his tech Elephant Tokens Friday Players
Round 4 Feature Match: Pustilnik v. Fung Friday Players
Happy-go-lucky Mikey P. You can practically hear the giggling. Friday Players
Tsuyoshi "Mr. Rolly" Fujita is full of disdain Friday Players
Famed Japanese deckbuilder Akira Asahara, creator of GP Sendai's "Zombie-Go" Friday Players
Round 4 Action: Asahar v. Fujita Friday Players
William Jensen hires Psychatog to do his dirty work Friday Players
Round 4 Feature Match: Kibler v. Jensen Friday Players
Kibler displays his mysterious side Friday Players
The always-intense Lucas Hager Friday Players
Itaru Ishida is running short of options Friday Players
EDT simply cannot get comfortable Friday Players
Darwin Kastle struggles to find a second facial expression Friday Players
Eric 'Danger' Taylor tangles with Darwin Kastle Friday Players
Round 4 Feature Match: Hager v. Ishida Friday Players
Players trade both sob and success stories with equal vigor Friday Players
Anson Maddocks plays it cool for the camera Friday Staff
The legendary Maddocks brings an old-school feel to the event Friday Staff
Artist Mark Tedin loves the spotlight Friday Staff
French players clown around Friday Players
Assistant Show Manger Renee Roub compliments Judge Manager James Lee Friday Staff
The smoking room, completely undoctored Friday Site
Jill Costigan drops elbows at table 39 in the third round Friday Players
Spectators spectivate Friday Players
Chikara Hayashi, called by some the "Japanese Brian Kibler" Friday Players
Kazuya Hirabashi hopes this one will stick Friday Players
Hayashi v. Hirabayashi in a third-round conflict Friday Players
Antoine Ruel hides behind a Shambling Swarm Friday Players
Jens Thoren resolves Haunting Echoes, but refuses to smile Friday Players
Bram Snepvangers is cool AND collected Friday Players
Nicholas Labarre is frightening to children and adults alike! Friday Players
Round 3 Feature Match: Labarre v. Snepvangers Friday Players
Ben Rubin tries his best to look helpless Friday Players
Jay Elarar is a rock! Friday Players
Round 3 Feature Match: Rubin v. Elarar Friday Players
Round 3 Feature Match: Bastos v. Fujita Friday Players
Round 3 Feature Match: Thoren v. Ruel Friday Players
Noah Boeken struggles to keep his concentration Friday Players
Bosom buddies Nicolai Herzog and Jens Thoren, up close and personal Friday Players
Trevor Blackwell mugs for the camera Friday Players
Justin Gary tries to play innocent about his three-Shade draw Friday Players
Round 2 Feature Match: Teammates Justin Gary and Zvi Mowshowitz Friday Players
Olivier Ruel ... thinks! Friday Players
Alan Comer winds up to swing Friday Players
Round 2 Feature Match: Comer v. Ruel, uncharacteristically grim Friday Players
A long wait to meet the artists, but that's no match for The Flash! Friday Site
Artist Pete Venters is swarmed by fans Friday Staff
Artist Kev Walker glad-hands the crowd Friday Staff
Next door, the deals go down Friday Site
Kastle takes "surly" to new heights Friday Players
Tenenbaum likes his Mesmeric Fiend. Perhaps too much. Friday Players
Round 2 Feature Match: Darwin Kastle v. Amiel Tenebaum Friday Players
Brian Kibler suavely goes for the life totals Friday Players
Itaru Ishida in mid-thought Friday Players
Ishida gets a quick lesson in Madness as Kibler looks on Friday Players
An unkempt Long brings the noise Friday Players
Round 2 Feature Match: Noah Boeken v. Mike Long, Clash of the Misers Friday Players
Boeken appears ill at ease Friday Players
You just can't miss Smilin' Zvi Mowshowitz Friday Players
Your diligent Judges Friday Staff
Mattias Kettil is one of only three players running white, and is pleased as punch Friday Players
Justice comes quick in the guise of Professor X Friday Players
A classic case of "Your word against mine" Friday Players
Mori shows a strong board Friday Players
A bespectacled Kuroda checks things out Friday Players
All-Japan action: Katsuhiro "Speed Freak" Mori v. Masashiro Kuroda Friday Players
Jon Finkel smiles politely Friday Players
Brian Kibler has perfected the combination shrug-and-frown Friday Players
The mono-black mirror: APAC Champ Jin Okamoto v. Deadguy Dave Price Friday Players
Okamoto flashes his 'yard Friday Players
Price's Edict does his shirt proud Friday Players
Matt Vienneau looking no less shifty than usual Friday Players
Dirk Baberowski is threatening to burst into tears Friday Players
Singapore's Albertus Law serves with Aquamoeba, of all things Friday Players
Chris Benafel asks permission to Edict Friday Players
Benafel tries his stupefying stare on Law Friday Players
Overhead view of Vienneau v. Baberowski Friday Players
Kibler's Eruption halts Finkel's fustigation Friday Players
Behold the thrill of competition! Friday Players
Dave Humpherys and his reality-altering handshake Friday Players
Japanese limited specialist Masahiko Morita is shocked Friday Players
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