Round 11: Svend Geertsen vs. William Jensen

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These are two old hands on the Pro Tour circuit. Svend has finished as high as third at Pro Tour Nice to go along with three other Top 8 finishes. William—or Huey as he is more commonly known—finished placed in the Top 8 at this year's PT Chicago. He is widely known as one of the best limited players in the world but that should be fine in this format which looks and plays very much like sealed deck—granted it's undefeated-let's do a deck check-sealed deck...

Actually, I would liken the format more to bare knuckles boxing than limited format. Everywhere I look, people are attacking with 8 power creatures on turn four or five and their opponents are swinging back with same. This was going to be one of those matches. Both players are playing white green decks with Silvos, Akroma and puny Exalted Angels. The decks feel like reanimator decks from seasons past but instead of Exhume you are using Explosive Vegetation. Huey should have the edge here, he has the "tech" Wirewood Elf as well as Windborn Muse whereas Svend's deck is much more straightforward.

Game 1

Huey got his ideal draw and had six mana in play at the end of turn three thanks to Wirewood Elf and Vegetation. Although Svend had played first the acceleration of the elf left him turns behind. He had turn four Vegetation but it was too slow as Huey made a turn four Silvos with the green mana to regenerate from Akroma's Vengeance if need be. On top of that, Svend essentially mulliganed at that point holding a Silvos of his own that would never see play.

Eventually Svend was able to Pacify the pit fighter but Huey had the Akroma to finish things off. All total the game took less than 5 minutes.

Svend – 0 Huey - 1

"I think I have a better of this match-up because of the elves," Huey commented as they shuffled for Game 2.

Svend thought about it aloud, "That game was..."

Huey finished the thought, "—all about the elf!"

Looking back on the Silvos that sat dead in his hand last game, Svend agreed and the two old Magic friends caught up on what they have been doing in between Pro Tours.

"Are you still playing poker?" asked Svend.

"All the time."

"Do you make good money at it?"


"Then why are you here playing in this?"

"Because it's fun."

Surprisingly, most players seem to be having fun with the steroidal power level at this Pro Tour. Everyone is bragging about who killed who with a 17/17 dragon (actually Darwin lost the game he played a 17/17 dragon but you get the picture). I was expecting a lot of grousing form the Pro Tour set about playing with so-called 'Timmy' cards but they seems to be embracing their inner-Timmy en-masse.

Game 2

When Huey failed to play a Wirewood Elf on the second turn Svend was ecstatic, "You just lost Game 2!" But there was no Vegetation for Svend on turn four despite cycling a Tusker. He seemed genuinely disappointed to only play a Ravenous Baloth. Huey, who had dropped a morph last turn, did have the turn four Explosive Vegetation and Svend shook his head bitterly, "So lucky."

Svend drew the Vegetation for turn five and had to console himself with bashing in for 4. Huey had another Vegetation and now had 8 mana in play a the end of turn five. Svend came in and took him to 12 and played a Silvos before Huey could untap. Huey wasn't interested in a puny ol' groundpounder though. He untapped and swung in with Miss Vengeance herself, Akroma—on turn six! Huey had to chump the Baloth with his face down Exalted Angel and he fell to 2. Huey made a game of it though and played and umorphed a Daru Sanctiifer to free his Angel from the bonds of Pacifism and also played a Baloth.

Svend attacked with everything. Silvos and the Angel essentially bounced of one another. The Baloth ate the Sanctifier and then Svend wiped the board except for a regenerating Silvos and gained four from his Baloth. Huey had another Angel but he was 2 points away from finishing off the Swede. Svend had another Pacifism and Silvos finished what he had started.

Svend – 1 Huey – 1

The players were surprised to learn that they had almost thirty minutes left in the round. "I play very fast," Huey commented.

"I used to play fast...back when I knew what I was doing. I had to read like 10 cards that I never saw before today," sighed Svend.

Game 3

Huey had no elf this game either but he did play a morph on turn three and Vegetation on turn four. "AAAaarrggh! So lucky!" When Svend's fourth land came into play tapped Huey let out a snort. He played a face-up Exalted Angel on the next turn and attacked Svend to 15 with his morph. The Swede let out with, "Finally!" when he could cast Vegetation and braced himself for double Angel on Huey's next turn. He did not dissapoint and unmorphed his second angel and swooped in for 8 life in each direction—Sven fell to 7 and Huey climbed to 28.

Of course, Svend had the 'wrath' next turn sent the turn back to Huey who exploded for more mana and played another morph. The mystery man was Pacified and Svend played the poor misunderstood middle child of Onslaught Block—Ravenous Baloth. Huey cycled on his turn but had nothing and dipped to 24 on Svend's next turn, which saw the Swede cycle Tusker and cast Explosive Vegetation. Huey cycled Vengeance and a land EOT and found a Demistify for the Pacifism and untapped and took Svend to 2 with Baloth in play. He followed it up with Silvos and sent the turn back.

Svend Pacified the Silvos—he had three in his opening draw—and attacked Huey down to his original 20. He played another Baloth and thought for a little while about whether or not he wanted to Pacify the morph again with the last of the three. Since Huey had wasted a Demistify on it he assumed it must be worth negating and played it on the morph. Huey showed his hole card to be a Daru Sanctifier and sent the enchantment on his Silvos to the bin.

A Baloth jumped in the way of Silvos—a push in the life department—and Svend considered his options. "How many cards?"

"Let's see...I drew a card and played a card so it's the same amount as last turn. That's how it goes."

"Give me a minute to think about this..."

"Sure, no problem. You're dead next turn anyway you look at it so don't worry."

Svend cycled for cards but could come up with nothing better than leave Baltoth back on 'D'. Huey had an Oblation in hand—the 11th card that Svend had to read this weekend and that was the game.

Final Result: Svend –1 Huey – 2

William Jensen
Green-White Vegetation

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