Cool Play: Wall of Swords

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Attacked with Wall of Swords lately?

Steve "Grinder" Jarvis did, in a round 2 Feature Match. Jarvis set a record on Thursday, qualifying for US Nationals by winning a Meatgrinder for the third time. His only problem is that he won a Limited 'Grinder and now he needed to build a Standard deck.

He put together a creature-heavy blue-white control deck that happened to include Wall of Swords among its anti-beatdown technology. Playing against Brad Swan in a round 2 feature match, he sideboarded in Unnatural Selection. Unnatural Selection and Wall of Swords both wound up in play and Jarvis started reading both cards. Next thing you knew ... Wall of Swords went into the red zone! This was about the same time Pete Leiher was attacking with Serra Angel on an adjacent table while sitting behind his Moat. Between these cards and Peter Szigeti's wardrobe, it was really hard to figure out what year it was. The JSS kids in the audience had probably never even seen some of these cards before.

In the end, Jarvis's beatdown with Wall of Swords strategy almost won him the match. He could drop Swan down to just 3 life in game 3, but he came one chump-blocker short of winning the game and the match.

Ben Bleiweiss summed up the round nicely, asking "Is this why every other country is kicking our ass? Because we're too busy attacking with Wall of Swords?"

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