Magic: The Gathering Novels

Return to Ravnica: The Secretist, Part One

A Planeswalker Novella

Jace Beleren has the power to travel between planes of the Multiverse, but with this gift comes isolation. He is one in a million. He is a planeswalker. And he is on the edge of a mystery that could alter the face of his adopted home—a vast, world-wide city known as Ravnica—forever.

Faced with a magical code that is built into the very foundations of the city-world itself, Jace marches into the numinous depths of Ravnica's underbelly in search of the promise of powerful magic. What he finds is perhaps more burden than boon.

Once buried in past, the code resurfaces as Ravnica's power-hungry mage guilds, unbound by the Guildpact that had once maintained order, struggle for control of the plane. But in the drive for primacy, there is no neutral ground.

Jace knows that he can't crack the code on his own, not while the guilds task teams of mages to unravel the mysteries, but he also knows that the danger of the quest is too great to include his friends. As the mystery begins to unravel, the choice may not be his alone.

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Title Author Year Series ISBN
Scars of Mirrodin: The Quest for Karn Robert B. Wintermute 2011 Scars of Mirrodin Block 0-7869-5774-3
Test of Metal Matthew Stover 2010 Planeswalker Novel 0-7869-5532-5
Zendikar: In the Teeth of Akoum Robert B. Wintermute 2010 Zendikar Block 0-7869-5476-0
The Purifying Fire Laura Resnick 2009 Planeswalker Novel 0-7869-5298-9
Alara Unbroken Doug Beyer 2009 Shard of Alara Block 0-7869-5201-6
Agents of Artifice Ari Marmell 2009 Planeswalker Novel 0-7869-5134-6
A Planeswalker's Guide to Alara Doug Beyer, Jenna Helland 2008 Planeswalker's Guide 0-7869-5124-9
Eventide Scott McGough, Cory J. Herndon 2008 Lorwyn Cycle Part II: Shadowmoor Cycle II 0-7869-4868-X
Shadowmoor Philip Athans, Susan J. Morris 2008 Lorwyn Cycle Part II: Shadowmoor Cycle I 0-7869-4840-X
Morningtide Cory J. Herndon, Scott McGough 2008 Lorwyn Cycle II 0-7869-4790-X
Lorwyn Cory J. Herndon, Scott McGough 2007 Lorwyn Cycle I 0-7869-4292-4
Future Sight Scott McGough, John Delaney 2007 Time Spiral Cycle III 0-7869-4269-X
Planar Chaos Scott McGough, Timothy Sanders 2007 Time Spiral Cycle II 0-7869-4249-5
Dissension Cory J. Herndon 2006 Ravnica Cycle III 0-7869-4001-8
Guildpact Cory J. Herndon 2006 Ravnica Cycle II 0-7869-3989-3
Time Spiral Scott McGough 2006 Time Spiral Cycle I 0-7869-3988-5
Ravnica: City of Guilds Cory J. Herndon 2005 Ravnica Cycle I 0-7869-3792-0
Guardian: Saviors of Kamigawa Scott McGough 2005 Kamigawa Cycle III 0-7869-3786-6
Heretic: Betrayers of Kamigawa Scott McGough 2005 Kamigawa Cycle II 0-7869-3575-8
Outlaw: Champions of Kamigawa Scott McGough 2004 Kamigawa Cycle I 0-7869-3357-7
The Fifth Dawn Cory Herndon 2004 Mirrodin Cycle III 0-7869-3205-8
The Darksteel Eye Jess Lebow 2004 Mirrodin Cycle II 0-7869-3140-X
Champion's Trial Scott McGough 2003 Legends Cycle II III 0-7869-3015-2
The Moons of Mirrodin Will McDermott 2003 Mirrodin Cycle I 0-7869-2995-2
Monsters of Magic J. Robert King 2003 Anthology 0-7869-2983-9
Scourge J. Robert King 2003 Onslaught Cycle III 0-7869-2956-1
Emperor's Fist Scott McGough 2003 Legends Cycle II II 0-7869-2935-9
Legions J. Robert King 2003 Onslaught Cycle II 0-7869-2914-6
Assassin's Blade Scott McGough 2002 Legends Cycle II I 0-7869-2830-1
Onslaught J. Robert King 2002 Onslaught Cycle I 0-7869-2801-8
Hazezon Clayton Emery 2002 Legends Cycle III 0-7869-2792-5
Judgment Will McDermott 2001 Odyssey Cycle III 0-7869-2743-7
The Secrets of Magic J. Robert King 2002 Anthology 0-7869-2710-0
Chainer's Torment Scott McGough 2001 Odyssey Cycle II 0-7869-2696-1
Jedit Clayton Emery 2001 Legends Cycle II 0-7869-1907-8
Odyssey Vance Moore 2000 Odyssey Cycle I 0-7869-1900-0
Apocalypse J. Robert King 2001 Invasion Cycle III 0-7869-1880-2
Dragons of Magic J. Robert King 2001 Anthology 0-7869-1872-1
Johan Clayton Emery 2001 Legends Cycle I 0-7869-1803-9
Planeshift J. Robert King 2001 Invasion Cycle II 0-7869-1802-0
The Thran J. Robert King 1999 N/A 0-7869-1600-1
Prophecy Vance Moore 2000 Masquerade Cycle III 0-7869-1570-6
The Eternal Ice Jeff Grubb 2000 Ice Age Cycle II 0-7869-1562-5
Nemesis Paul B. Thompson 2000 Masquerade Cycle II 0-7869-1559-5
Myths of Magic Jess Lebow 2000 Anthology 0-7869-1529-3
Invasion J. Robert King 2000 Invasion Cycle I 0-7869-1438-6
The Shattered Alliance Jeff Grubb 2000 Ice Age Cycle III 0-7869-1403-3
Bloodlines: The Story of Urza's Destiny Loren L. Coleman 1999 Artifacts Cycle IV 0-7869-1380-0
The Gathering Dark Jeff Grubb 1999 Ice Age Cycle I 0-7869-1357-6
Time Streams J. Robert King 1999 Artifacts Cycle III 0-7869-1344-4
The Colors of Magic Jess Lebow 1999 Anthology 0-7869-1323-1
Mercadian Masques Francis Lebaron 1999 Masquerade Cycle I 0-7869-1188-3
Planeswalker Lynn Abbey 1998 Artifacts Cycle II 0-7869-1182-4
Rath and Storm Peter Archer 1998 Anthology 0-7869-1175-1
The Brothers' War Jeff Grubb 1998 Artifacts Cycle I 0-7869-1170-0
Final Sacrifice Clayton Emery 1995 N/A 0-7522-0217-0
Distant Planes Kathy Ice 1995 Anthology 0-06-105765-7
Dark Legacy Robert E. Vardeman 1996 N/A 0-06-105697-9
Ashes of the Sun Hanovi Braddock 1996 N/A 0-06-105649-9
Song of Time Teri McLaren 1996 N/A 0-06-105622-7
And Peace Shall Sleep Sonia Orin Lyris 1996 N/A 0-06-105619-7
The Prodigal Sorcerer Mark C. Sumner 1995 N/A 0-06-105476-3
Arena William R. Forstchen 1994 N/A 0-06-105424-0
Shattered Chains Clayton Emery 1995 N/A 0-06-105419-4
Whispering Woods Clayton Emery 1995 N/A 0-06-105418-6
Tapestries Kathy Ice 1995 Anthology 0-06-105308-2
The Cursed Land Teri McLaren 1995 N/A 0-06-105016-4

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