Red mana flows from rugged mountain ranges, rocky crags, and the fiery heart of volcanoes. Red magic is about fury and passion. When a red mage fights, lightning arcs across the blood-red sky, lava erupts from the earth, and flash fires consume the land. Red mages can channel their wild emotions to raze a city or to harness flames into deadly weapons.

Freedom, fire, and impulse are the lifeblood of every red mage.

Red mages have no patience for talk or subtlety. They act quickly and recklessly. With red mana, a mage controls the power of fire and earth. Red mages scorch their enemies with fireballs or call down electricity from the sky. They can rattle the foundations of civilizations and destroy the land itself. At their best, red mages are dynamic, passionate, and unbound. At their worst, they are shortsighted, temperamental, and destructive.

Examples of red spells include rains of meteors, searing bolts of lightning, and huge gouts of flame.

Red-aligned creatures are warlike, frenzied, and dangerous. Red mages summon mighty dragons to dominate the skies. They send hordes of bloodthirsty barbarians or rampaging goblins to lay waste to their enemies. They also channel mystical energy and summon fire elementals of merciless power and destruction. Red creatures rage across the landscape cutting down anything that stands in their way.

Each of the five colors of magic has two ally colors and two enemy colors. Red is allied with black and green. Red mana and black mana share the values of individualism, instant gratification, and self-interest. Red and green mana share the values of action, base urges, and connection to the earth.

Red mana opposes white mana through the conflicts of chaos vs. order, offense vs. defense, and opportunity vs. strategy. Red mana opposes blue mana through the conflicts of fire vs. water, emotion vs. logic, and action vs. thought.

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