Ashiok is the quintessential fear monger, spinning magic to terrorize others with their own darkest, most closely guarded nightmares. Ashiok delights in having the upper hand, and even more, Ashiok enjoys watching those who see themselves as untouchable and superior reduced to screaming and blubbering. Because all sentient beings feel fear, Ashiok believes in its power as the great equalizer.

For Ashiok, fear is a feeling given form by the mind—a quasi-elemental force that can be shaped and wielded. Once Ashiok's planeswalker spark ignited, Ashiok discovered not only a great skill at culling the nightmares from others, but also the ability to make them manifest in reality. The dreadvapors that emanate from Ashiok are an extension of this nightmare magic, enabling Ashiok to more easily access the fears of those they enshroud. As such, Ashiok sees Ashiok as an engineer, constructing twisted architecture of torment and sorrow. Ashiok now travels the Multiverse in perpetual search of designs for the perfect embodiment of fear.

In this search, Ashiok came to Theros and recognized that the dreams of this plane seem more vibrant than those of the other planes Ashiok has traveled to.

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