Brilliant, unpredictable, and daring, Ral Zarek was always testing boundaries and testing nerves as a young mage of Ravnica. He was drawn to the ingenious madness of the Izzet League and became obsessed with spells that allowed him to gather and control lightning storms.

Ral rose through the ranks of the Izzet thanks to his talent for storm magic and his defiance in the face of danger. When Ral's Planeswalker spark ignited, he was no longer bound to Ravnica, but he continues to feel a loyalty to the plane and the Izzet guild that so shaped his upbringing. So as the guilds have returned to prominence, Ral has returned to his home.

Seeing his promise and dedication to the guild, Niv-Mizzet, the dragon guildmaster of the Izzet, put Ral in charge of researching the mystery of the Implicit Maze, a puzzle encoded into Ravnica's streets and alleyways. Ral and his team of mages diligently tracked down every clue they could discover, giving the Izzet a major advantage over the other guilds. But as the time has come to actually solve the Maze, Niv-Mizzet has selected a newly created Izzet being as the guild's maze-runner, passing over Ral in the process.

Ral believes he was the more deserving choice, and his resentment runs deep. As the race begins, Ral will prove his worth in his defiance of his own guildmaster. He'll show everyone what a brilliant storm-wielding Planeswalker can do—by taking his place as the Izzet maze-runner.

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