Venser is a planeswalker who wields blue and white magic. His specialty is teleportation magic and building his own unique and powerful artifacts. Venser is brilliant and able to think fast on his feet to find a way out of any sticky situation he encounters. He relies on his knowledge of artifice and teleportation to pave his way through the Multiverse, where he satisfies his boundless curiosity of all things mechanical.

Venser came from the wasteland of Urborg on the plane of Dominaria. As an adult, he lived alone in his workshop amidst the remains of warships and wreckage left from the Phyrexian Invasion of Dominaria. Using found parts from the heaps of debris surrounding his home, he built devices that could aid in teleportation. The planeswalker Teferi sought out Venser’s help and used his devices to rapidly travel across Dominaria in order to close dangerous time distortions in key locations across the plane. Venser’s talent at teleportation led to his spark igniting, allowing him to travel beyond the boundaries of Dominaria. It set Venser on the path to achieving his destiny as the first of a new breed of planeswalker.

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