Jenna Helland

Jenna Helland is a writer and designer for Wizards of the Coast in Seattle, Washington. Her works include "The Cloudbreaker" in The Shadowmoor Anthology, The Planeswalker's Guide to Alara (with Doug Beyer), Path of the Planeswalker (with Brady Dommermuth and Doug Beyer), and The Fanged Crown.

Wizards of the Coast novels and short stories by Jenna Helland:

  • The Lost Confession
  • The Lost Confession
  • Xathrid Gorgon
  • The Seven Bells, Part 2
  • The Seven Bells, Part 1
  • The Azorius Ten Most Wanted
  • In Praise of the Worldsoul, Part 3
  • In Praise of the Worldsoul, Part 2
  • In Praise of the Worldsoul, Part 1
  • Epic Experiment
  • The Shadows of Prahv, Part 2
  • The Shadows of Prahv, Part 1
  • The Stonekiller, Part 2
  • The Stonekiller
  • Talrand, Sky Summoner
  • Threadbare
  • Krenko, Mob Boss
  • Chronomaton
  • Xathrid Gorgon
  • Odric, Master Tactician
  • Consortium Report: "The Incident at the Eye."
  • The Face of War
  • The Soul of the World
  • Running Wild
  • Path of the Planeswalker 2
  • Path of the Planeswalker
  • A Planeswalker's Guide to Alara

    1. Mac or
    I don't care as long as it has a working keyboard and spellchecker.
    2. Dog or
    Dog. I had a cat once. I could tell by the way it looked at me that it wanted to kill me and take my kingdom for itself.
    3. Soft Candy or Hard CandyWatermelon.
    4. Cake or
    I hate pie. Give me a can of frosting, and we can skip the superfluous cake part. It's just a staging ground for frosting.
    5. Super-talent or Jack of All TradesJack of All Trades. No matter what you do, someone will be better at it. And deserve it more than you do. Whatever "it" is.



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