Robert B. Wintermute

Robert B. Wintermute was born and raised in the Badlands of South Dakota. A writer by decree, a philosopher by design, and an engineer by decision, Wintermute has spent much of his adult life contemplating Bentham's panopticon as a model for modern society. Early investigations into orgone energy have given Wintermute a peculiar insight into the nature of mana. Experience raising a son and daughter with his wife in Madison, Wisconsin, has given him a peculiar glimpse into the nature of being. Zendikar: In the Teeth of Akoum is his first novel.

Wizards of the Coast novels, short stories, and articles by Robert B. Wintermute:

  • The Quest for Karn
  • Zendikar

    1. Hero or
    I'm not altogether sure there is a difference between these two when written right.
    2. Mac or
    Neither. A Commodore 64, or a light blue Lettera 32 Olivetti manual.
    3. Dog or
    I would pick dogs for hosts if I were a visitor from another planet.
    4. Soft Candy or Hard CandyI should eat more of both.
    5. Cake or
    Angel food cake, one of the most marvelous developments of modern chemistry.



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