Robert B. Wintermute

Robert B. Wintermute was born and raised in the Badlands of South Dakota. A writer by decree, a philosopher by design, and an engineer by decision, Wintermute has spent much of his adult life contemplating Bentham's panopticon as a model for modern society. Early investigations into orgone energy have given Wintermute a peculiar insight into the nature of mana. Experience raising a son and daughter with his wife in Madison, Wisconsin, has given him a peculiar glimpse into the nature of being. Zendikar: In the Teeth of Akoum is his first novel.

Wizards of the Coast novels, short stories, and articles by Robert B. Wintermute:

  • The Quest for Karn
  • Zendikar

    1. Cake or
    Both? Neither?
    2. Night or
    Ask again later.
    3. Truth or DareAnswer hazy.
    4. Roller Coaster or Lazy RiverCheck back.
    5. Soft Candy or Hard CandyUnfortunately, the answer is above your pay grade.



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