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Ready for a real blast from the past? With Coldsnap right around the corner, we thought we'd help get you in the mood by posting the original Ice Age comics for your web viewing pleasure! These aren't exactly the kind of thing we'd put out nowadays, but if you're looking for some relatively harmless nostalgia we think you'll find these right up your alley. Originally published by Armada Comics in 1995 as a series of four, the link to Volume 1 shows Ice Age comics #1 and #2, while Volume 2 shows comics #3 and #4. Enjoy!

Coldsnap Unaired Commercials

Introduction by Jake Theis, Assistant Brand Manager for Magic: The Gathering
Way back in the year twenty-aught-five (when gasoline seemed to unreasonably cost $2.18 a gallon), the folks in Brand and marketing had a wild idea. We were going to return to television advertising. With the ascendance of Tivo, the splintering of the TV market, and the general decline of television ratings, this begs the question, why in the heck would we go back to television advertising?

Two reasons.

  1. We were insanely excited by Ravnica block.
  2. The perfect television partner was just starting to hit their stride.

You see, we loved Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, and we knew that our player's loved that sweet, sweet block o' television, too. In fact, Family Guy reruns consistently rate among our top viewed shows among you, the loyal Magic fan. In addition, Adult Swim's "bump" style commercials were a perfect advertising vehicle for us, the penny-pinching, wisecracking marketing types. We could show cool new cards off, and at the same time, make crude, inappropriate jokes. In marketing, we call this a "win-win."

The other nice thing about bump advertising is that instead of showing you the same fifteen second spot over and over again, we could give you an array of funny, interesting ads. Many of you have seen our current Coldsnap ads, but did you know that there are super secret ads that aren't going to air? In fact, our superskilled, hilarious copywriter, Kurt Isensee, and our marketing art director, Mark Painter, belted out more than 50 different concept pitches. We narrowed the pool down to 10 spots for television, but there were some overs left on the cutting room floor. Today is your lucky day! You get to see the spots that never aired...

Enjoy these frozen treats!

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