Watch The Invitational At Home

The great thing about the Magic Invitational being online is that every Magic Online player gets the chance to watch the games. And, to make it even better, you don't have to get up at 2 o'clock in the morning to catch the play on TV or travel thousands of miles--it's all right there online, whenever you want to watch it.

Replaying Your Games

Some players may already know about the Magic Online replay feature. It's what allows you to watch your own games and analyze what went right and what went wrong. If you've never used it, click the My Games button on the Main tab.

There are two tabs on the My Games window: Games and Ratings. The Games tab keeps a list of your most recent games played. Click the game you want to replay, then click Replay. A new Duel screen opens where you can watch the game.

The controls for the replay are much like those on a VCR or cassette player. (The controls are the four buttons in the gray text area on the left side of the screen.) Once the game is waiting for one of the players to decide to go first, click the button with a single triangle on it (Play). If you want to pause the game, click the button with a square on it (Stop).

The other two buttons in the text area also pause the replay, since they can only be used when the game is paused. The button with two triangles on it moves the game one step forward (Step). This isn't the same as a step during a Magic turn--"step" means when any player in the game does something, from clicking OK to playing a card. The button with three triangles on it moves the game ahead to beginning of the next player's turn (Next Turn).

Invitational Replays

Replays are a little different for Invitational games. First, you'll be able to replay the draft portion of any Rochester Draft event. The controls for draft replays are in the lower left of the screen by the draft pack display.

Note: Since there are no "turns" during a draft, there's no Next Turn button. You can either let the draft play, stop it, or click through pick-by-pick.

Second, the replays display each player's hand. If you've ever watched a tournament game replay (until now, the only type of Magic Online replay you could watch if it wasn't a game you were in), you know that those replays don't show the players' hands. For the Invitational, you'll be able to see what's in each player's hand during the game.

So, how do you go about watching an Invitational replay? After a game is over that you want to watch, go to the room the game took place in. If the room is in graphic mode (in other words, you see tables, not a spreadsheet), click the table where the event took place. If the room is in spreadsheet mode, right click the game or draft you want to replay.

Special Note: Rochester Draft events take place in two different rooms. The draft portion will be in the Rochester Draft room, so go there to replay a draft. The games will be in the Auction of the People room.

A menu will pop up with a list of every game (or draft in the Rochester Draft room) that is available for replay. Select the game or draft you want to watch and a new Duel or Draft screen will open. From there, use the controls to watch the game.

So, whether it's the next day or a week later, you can see how the top Pros play the game. Enjoy watching, and don't forget about the Gunslinging room on October 20. Replay gives you the chance to second-guess the Pros, Gunslinging is where you see if you're right.

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