Magic Online III FAQ

Magic Online III Launch FAQ

What can I expect in the days leading up to the shutting down of the current system and during the first few days of the new system being up?

This information can be found on the latest Magic Online III blog.

Is there a monthly fee? / What is the fee structure? How much does Magic Online III cost?

Magic Online has no monthly fee and doesn't require a subscription to play. Players are able to purchase digital sets and booster packs of cards which they are then able to use to play against other players for no additional charge. Players may also elect to participate in competitive events that award prizes and have certain entry requirements such as tickets and booster packs. Tickets and booster packs may be purchased from the Magic Online III store.

Do I need to buy physical cards to use them online?

The cards used in Magic Online III are digital objects that may be purchased at the Magic Online III store. You do not need to purchase physical cards to play Magic Online III.

How do I buy cards?

You can purchase cards and tickets in the Magic Online III store which can be found within the client itself. Just click the store link from the home screen after you complete your login.

Can I play against my friends?

Yes. You can play Magic Online III against your friends. You can also meet and make new friends to play with from the Magic Online III community.

What are the minimum hardware and software specs for a computer to run Magic Online III?

Minimum Requirements
OS: Windows 2000
CPU: PIII 700 mhz
RAM: 256mb
Video Card: DX9 Compatible, 8mb video ram (software rendering)
1024x768 resolution
Internet Connection
Recommended Requirements
OS: Windows XP or newer
CPU: P4 1ghz or faster
RAM: 512mb or more
Video Card: DX9 Compatible, 128mb video ram
1024x768 resolution or more
Broadband Internet Connection

Do I need to install software, or is it web-based?

The software is client-based and you can download the client here.

Is there a CD I can buy? / Online only download?

You may download Magic Online III here. We do not currently have a CD or DVD available.

Where can I download Magic Online III?

You may download Magic Online III here.

How much space on my HD will the new client take up?

Magic Online III will take approximately 1.6 Gigs of space on your hard drive.

What features will be available at launch? / What are the different features?

Drafts and Premier Events are some of the main features available at launch. Trading and casual games will be available as well. Multiplayer formats and League play are planned for inclusion shortly after launch, as is enabling redemption.

I heard I can redeem online cards for paper cards. If so, how?

When redemption is enabled after launch it will work like this: to redeem a card set, you must own all the cards for a given set (either regular or premium cards) and then proceed to the in-game store. Once there, simply click 'redeem' and follow the prompts. The digital cards will be removed from your account and a set of paper cards will be mailed out to the address on file.

Can I win prizes?

Yes you can. Prizes can be won for finishing well in Daily Events, Premier Events, 8-player queues, and Leagues.

Are there lots of player online?

Yes. There are usually thousands of people playing Magic Online III at any given time.

What happens to my cards if my computer crashes?

Your cards are safe if you computer crashes. Your collection can never be lost.

What happens to my cards if Wizards servers crash?

Your cards and collection is safe and can never be lost.

Do I need to buy new cards for Magic Online III or does my existing digital collection from the previous version carry over?

All existing accounts, and their card collections, have been moved over to Magic Online III intact.

What will be the schedule for leagues and events in V 2.5 up until the launch of Magic Online III?

The current premier events schedule will repeat and be run each week up until V2.5 shuts down. The current leagues, will finish on schedule, but no new leagues will start until after the work on them is completed post Magic Online III launch.

What will be the schedule for leagues and events when Magic Online III launches?

Casual play, draft queues, and premiere events will all be available when Magic Online III launches. Leagues will be among our first priorities post-launch, and should arrive within a few months at the latest.

Is Magic Online III available for Linux or on a Mac?

Magic Online was developed to run on all recent versions of windows but not for any other operating systems.

What are the current known issues with Magic Online III?

The most current list of known issues can always be found here.

What forums can I read to get the most recent information?

You may also find more information about Magic Online III in the following community forums:

Magic Online III Feature Discussion
Magic Online III Technical Discussion

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