A Message from Worth Wollpert

A Message from Worth Wollpert

Magic Online III has launched!

Hi everyone,

We've all been waiting a long time for the day Magic Online III becomes reality, and it's almost here. In a few short days we will be turning off our current MOL system, v2.5 and going "dark" for a week or so while we migrate all of your user data, card collections, and such over to our new database in preparation for the launch of the system. We have a countdown schedule that we're using internally, and when that schedule gets to a specific number of days remaining, there are some events that are going to affect you all, so I wanted to illustrate what you can all expect in the coming weeks.

Some point roughly 15 days before launch: No new leagues will be created within the client. All currently running leagues will be allowed to run their natural course and conclude on schedule. This is to make sure we don't have any open events during the transition and data migration period. Leagues are *not* going to be available with the launch of Magic Online III, but they (and multiplayer) are among our first priorities to finish up once we've stabilized all issues from the post launch period. They *will* be back, and soon. We miss them as much as you do!

Roughly 8 days before launch: We shut down the current v2.5 system. Players will not be able to log in for at least a week (see the next date underneath this one for more info). During this time, we will be transferring and backing up all existing data from current accounts and collections to the new servers where they will be stored and accessed when Magic Online III is up and running. Don't worry, you won't lose any of the cards in your collection. Everything from your collection will be there when you load up the MOL III client for the first time. See the FAQ for more information here.

The day before launch/launch day: For up to the first couple days after we complete data migration and a whole host of other tasks and turn the system back on, we will have the system up for internal use only. We will work hard to minimize the amount of time this takes. We may allow certain beta testers access to the system during this time period as well, we will contact you if we feel we need more people testing specific functions during this time. It is likely that this is the time the system will come online for the first time for general public use.

Also, during the time period in the days immediately following launch, it is very likely that specific parts of the system will be unavailable or available intermittently as we slowly turn on pieces of functionality one or two at a time. Right now, we expect casual play to be on as a default, with PE's and draft queues to be cycled into rotation as stability allows within the first few days to a week.

There are still events in front of us that can cause events to shift around a little from now until launch, but we feel like we've got a very good handle on the next few weeks and don't expect any more delays to last more than a day or two. Check this area daily during this time, as any major announcements or changes will be posted here or in the launch blog.

That's it! We're definitely on the home stretch now, and we all sincerely appreciate the patience you've all shown in the last few years with an aging and degrading system. Now that we have an entire company's worth of resources and focus on making one platform the best it can possibly be, I'm confidant that sometime soon MOL will be better than ever, with new players coming in by the hundreds and thousands. With the capability that Magic Online III gives us to expand our offerings, streamline your play experience, and present Magic in the best possible light, I look forward to the many years of fun, strategy, and growth that lie ahead of us for the world's first and best TCG.

Thanks for hanging in there, we appreciate it. You folks are what makes the Magic Online community so successful.

Worth Wollpert
Brand Manager
Magic - Digital

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