Morningtide Acrostic

Morningtide Minisite Acrostic
Mark L. Gottlieb

1L 2N 3G 4E 5X 6F 7K 8V 9B 10C 11L 12H 13W 14G 15E 16S 17N 18K 19T 20R 21X
22A 23C 24P 25E 26G 27Q 28K 29T 30L 31H 32X 33R 34S 35B 36M 37E 38N 39D 40P 41V 42K
43J 44W 45C 46X 47A 48N 49L 50F 51G 52E 53M 54H 55P 56K 57U 58X 59C 60W 61L 62S 63T
64G 65V 66E 67B 68X 69N 70R 71K 72S 73C 74I 75H 76B 77E 78L 79X 80V 81K 82R 83J
84P 85N 86C 87G 88W 89H 90L 91X 92O 93B 94K 95U 96E 97V 98P 99M 100R 101X 102C 103M
104W 105K 106N 107G 108D 109E 110F 111L 112Q 113X 114S 115C 116N 117W 118H 119G 120E 121D 122K 123X
124P 125R 126V 127L 128B 129S 130G 131T 132C 133E 134H 135I 136R 137L 138U 139B 140W 141M 142X 143V
144H 145A 146G 147K 148T 149N 150Q 151J 152C 153B 154E 155H 156G 157X 158D 159S 160L 161W 162V 163F 164E
165Q 166X 167G 168N 169C 170P 171B 172K 173U 174S 175O 176X 177R 178J 179T 180G 181B 182V 183P 184H 185S
186N 187L 188R 189W 190X 191O 192G 193C 194D 195F 196B 197Q 198H 199X 200N 201A 202R 203M 204G 205P 206K
207S 208I 209C 210N 211B 212E 213L 214X 215G 216V 217M 218I 219K 220C 221P 222H 223E 224W 225G 226D 227V 228R
229N 230T 231S 232X 233L 234H 235J 236E 237F 238B 239N 240W 241C 242G

AWhat you might say after committing the infraction of Game Play Error — Incorrect Representation
BThe only card printed in both Mirage and Seventh Edition, but no other sets
CEvery card that costs at least three mana to cycle and has colored mana in its cycling cost also has a cycling triggered ability . . . except this one
DThe green cantrip sorcery with the lowest converted mana cost
EAn Unhinged card was named after this character’s sixth-to-last, fifth-to-last, and fourth-to-last words
FThis is the first word of a two-word Urza’s Saga rare—and if you rotated its first letter 90 degrees clockwise, you’d get the first word of a two-word Future Sight uncommon
GYou have a complete Magic Online collection and you’re playing a Classic game without sideboards. Your opponent is at 20 life, has no cards in hand, has 30 cards in his library, and controls no permanents except basic lands. You control Fervor, Pandemonium, Ring of Ma’Ruf, four Mountains, and four Islands. Your graveyard is empty. The only card in your hand is a 3-mana blue creature. During your upkeep, you tap five lands and activate Ring of Ma’Ruf. You are guaranteed to win the game this turn. What's the card in your hand?
HThe art on this high-octane tournament staple depicts a kindly middle-aged woman sitting down in her study with a nice cup of tea
IThe other half of Odds
JNationality of the team that won the 2006 World Championship
KOf the five different 6/4 creatures with no abilities, this one has the highest converted mana cost
LThis card comes from the same block, has the same toughness, is the same color, and has the same final 18 words of rules text as Chimney Imp
MPain//Suffering : Unhinge :: Night//Day : this card
NAt the moment, this sorcery can cause you to draw a maximum of sixteen cards in a sanctioned game
OWord before River or Moon
PUnhinged variant of Booby Trap that deals 195% as much damage as Booby Trap does
QRisked a card in a 5-Color game
RThis card is the reason you can find 5/5 creature tokens in Tenth Edition boosters
SIt's impossible to play this white Future Sight instant immediately after Balance resolves
TMirrodin keyword that appeared exclusively on instants and sorceries
UThe first card ever printed with a mana cost of Black ManaBlack ManaBlack ManaBlack Mana
VThis legendary creature got a creature type during the Lorwyn Oracle update, though it’s now the only one of them (excluding Mistform Ultimus and creatures with changeling) not to say “+1/+1” somewhere in its rules text
WThis Darksteel card is an improved version of Sacred Boon
XThis Tempest creature received errata so that its ability would exclude other creatures with the same name as it
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