Eighth Edition Core Game Decklists

The Eighth Edition Core Game comes packaged with two decks designed to teach new players how to play: the Silver Player's Deck and the Gold Player's Deck.

If you want to play the guided game again or you shuffled your decks by mistake, but the cards in the following order, from the top of the deck down. Only the order of the boldface cards matter; the others can be in any order. They are included here in their original order as a matter of historical interest.

Silver Player's Deck Gold Player's Deck
Plains Forest
Eager Cadet Mountain
Island Grizzly Bears
Plains Forest
Island Grizzly Bears
Giant Octopus Mountain
Plains Ogre Taskmaster
Sacred Nectar Mountain
Vizzerdrix Mountain
Glory Seeker Forest
Vizzerdrix Mountain
Vengeance Enormous Baloth
Sacred Nectar Lava Axe
Island Lava Axe
Plains Hill Giant
Coral Eel Goblin Raider
Glory Seeker Mountain
Island Spined Wurm
Giant Octopus Forest
Plains Forest
Glory Seeker Volcanic Hammer
Plains Enormous Baloth
Index Norwood Ranger
Island Mountain
Vengeance Rampant Growth
Island Volcanic Hammer
Coral Eel Forest
Plains Goblin Raider
Island Stone Rain
Fugitive Wizard Mountain
Glory Seeker Hill Giant
Plains Forest
Giant Octopus Norwood Ranger
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