Apocalypse Prerelease Kit

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Apocalypse Worldwide Prereleases took place on May 26, 2001.


Prerelease Primer

Game Features
  • Disciples
  • Volvers
  • Sanctuaries
  • Envoys
  • Syphon
  • Whirlpool
  • Bloodfire
  • Penumbra
  • Flagbearer
  • Enemy Pain Lands
  • Enemy Splits

  • What to look for

    Apocalypse Prerelease Boosters
    Every player will receive 1 Invasion Tournament pack and 3 Apocalypse Booster Packs.

    The first sign of Apocalypse...

    Limited Play Like Never Before.

    The Apocalypse prerelease tournament is the first chance to get your hands on the new cards from this latest Magic expansion set. In the past, hundreds of fans have turned out for each prerelease tournament, getting an early look at the cards and a jump on the strategies of the changing card mix.

    Every player at the Apocalypse prerelease tournament will receive one Invasion tournament pack and three Apocalypse boosters. Like most Limited tournaments, you will build your deck from the cards you receive and you will play all day, giving you the chance to see all of the new cards along the way. But that's where the tournament similarities end.

    What makes the Apocalypse prereleases so different?

    The cards of course.

    A new batch of split cards, new pain lands that provide mana from opposing colors, and powerful multi-colored cards make Apocalypse one of the most intriguing expansions for limited play to ever come along. The Invasion block already offered great Limited play, but Apocalypse opens up all-new ground.

    Just take a look at cards like Vindicate and Prophetic Bolt, two versatile multicolored cards perfect for Sealed Deck play.

    Enemy-color cards, versatile decks, and a brand new play environment all add up to one thing - one kick ass prerelease!

    To help you prepare for the onslaught, we have a sneak preview of all the new types of cards you'll be seeing at your local prerelease.

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