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An angelic being literally dreamed to life by Ixidor in the image of his deceased love, Akroma lives only to defend her creator. At all costs, she must destroy the one who caused his decent into madness: Phage. She uses here divine appearance to deceive members of the Order into thinking they are fighting a holy war for her. As long as her master is avenged, she cares nothing for the rest of Otaria.


Once she was Jeska, sister to Kamahl and, like him, one of the great warriors among the Pardic barbarians. Then she was twisted by dark magic into a cruel, vicious pit-fighter. Blessed by the Patriarch, her touch has the power to rot, making her the Cabal's deadliest champion yet. As she cuts a wide swath through the pit-fighting ranks, she also seeks to increase the Cabal's power. She will let no one stand in the way of her ambitions.

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