Legions game features


Provoke is one of the new creature keyword abilities introduced in the LegionsTM set. When one of your creatures with provoke attacks, you may force a creature to block it instead of blocking any of your other attacking creatures.

  • The creature you force to block can be either untapped or tapped. If you choose an untapped creature, it will have to block your creature. If you choose a tapped creature, it will untap and then have to block your creature.
  • Provoke doesn’t override a creature’s inability to block. For example, if the creature you try to force to block becomes tapped again, the block won’t happen.
  • Provoke affects only the creature you force to block. Your opponent’s other creatures can block as normal.


Amplify is another keyword ability introduced in the Legions set. Amplify’s effect depends on the number appearing next to it and the type of creature it appears on. For example, if you play a Beast with "amplify 1," it would come into play with two +1/+1 counters on it if you revealed two Beast cards in your hand as it came into play.

  • You can only reveal cards that match one or more printed types of the creature with amplify. The text in parentheses will remind you what type of cards you can reveal.
  • You don’t reveal the cards until the creature is actually coming into play. If the creature is countered, your opponent won’t get to know how many matching creature cards you have in your hand.
  • A creature’s amplify ability can be used regardless of how the creature comes into play, whether it’s played as a spell, reanimated from a graveyard, or put into play from somewhere else.

Morph Triggered Abilities

Legions features a new twist on the morph ability. You’ll find many morph creatures in this set with abilities that trigger when they’re turned face up. These abilities only work if the creature is turned from face down to face up. It doesn’t matter how the creature gets turned face up, whether a spell or ability does it or you pay its morph cost. These abilities don’t work when the creature comes into play face up.

You can play a creature with morph face down by paying 3 Mana instead of its mana cost. A face-down creature is a 2/2 colorless creature with no abilities, no name, no creature type, and mana cost 0 Mana. No one but you knows what it really is. Any time you could play an instant, you can pay the creature’s morph cost to turn it face up. Simply flip it over and pay the cost. When it’s turned face up, it becomes whatever the card says it is. If it has any abilities that trigger when it’s turned face up, they will trigger at that time.

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