New Features in Onslaught

This ability allows you to play creatures with morph face down as a colorless, typeless 2/2 with no abilities for 3 mana. Then, you can turn it face up at any time by paying the cost printed in the card, instantly turning it into a bigger and/or better creature. There are 50 creatures with Morph in Onslaught, spread out over all five colors. Some art depicts the creature "morphing" from its basic form.

This is an ability that's returning from Urza Block. If you pay the "cycling" cost on the card, you can discard it and draw a card. However, in Onslaught, this ability is taken into places it never has been before. For the first time, you can pay the cycling cost with something other than 2 colorless mana. Some cards have an ability that triggers when a card is cycled, and some that have an additional ability when cycled. 33 cards in Onslaught have something to do with cycling.

Tribal cards
Very rarely does a creature's type matter in Magic; this set has more cards than any previous set that key off this part of a creature. Cards get better depending on the number of goblins in play, or require tapping five clerics you control to work. Numerous cards in Onslaught have something to do with creature type; these are usually recognized by showing creatures of the required type in the art.

Fear is a new keyword for an old ability. It simply means "this creature can't be blocked except by artifact creatures and/or black creatures." The keyword was named after the Alpha card Fear, the first card to ever grant this ability.

Chain Spells
Each time a Chain spell affects you or a permanent you control, you can "chain" it to someone or something else.

Special Cycles

  • The Avatars – Five of the races (Cleric, Wizard, Zombie, Goblin, Elf) have an avatar that gets bigger and bigger as more creatures of that race are in play.
  • The Lords – Each race has a Lord that is spectacularly powerful, splashy, and cool if you have five creatures of that race in play.
  • The Pit-Fighter Champions – Each color has an enormous rare Pit-Fighting creature that epitomizes the word "fatty".
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