Official Reprint Policy

March 2010

To maintain your confidence in the Magic game as a collectible, we've created this Magic: The Gathering card reprint policy. It explains why we reprint cards and lists which cards from past Magic sets will never be reprinted.

Why We Reprint Cards

The Magic trading card game has tremendous appeal as both a game and a collectible. For us, however, the Magic game is first and foremost a supreme game of strategy and skill. We choose to reprint cards because we believe (a) the cards we reprint make for enjoyable game play, and (b) all Magic players deserve an opportunity to play with these cards. Any card that isn't on the reserved list may be reprinted.

Reserved Cards

The complete list of reserved cards appears at the end of this document. Reserved cards will never be printed again in a functionally identical form. A card is considered functionally identical to another card if it has the same card type, subtypes, abilities, mana cost, power, and toughness. No cards will be added to the reserved list in the future. No cards from the Mercadian Masques set and later sets will be reserved. In consideration of past commitments, however, no cards will be removed from this list. The exclusion of any particular card from the reserved list doesn't indicate that there are any plans to reprint that card.

Non-English Cards

The reprint policy applies to both English and non-English cards.

Virtual Cards

This reprint policy only applies to physical, printed cards. It does not apply to cards released on Magic: The Gathering Online or in any other digital distribution.

Tournament Legality

All policies described in this document apply only to tournament-legal Magic cards.

Premium Cards

A previous version of this policy allowed premium versions of cards on the reserved list to be printed. Starting in 2011, no cards on the reserved list will be printed in either premium or non-premium form.

Special-Purpose Reprints

Wizards of the Coast may print special versions of cards not meant for regular game play, such as oversized cards.

Complete List of Reserved Cards

Card Name Card Set
Abeyance Weatherlight
Aboroth Weatherlight
Academy Rector Urza's Destiny
Acid Rain Legends
Acidic Dagger Mirage
Adun Oakenshield Legends
Aegis of the Meek Ice Age
Aeolipile Fallen Empires
Afiya Grove Mirage
Aku Djinn Visions
Al-abara's Carpet Legends
Alchor's Tomb Legends
Ali from Cairo Arabian Nights
All Hallow's Eve Legends
Altar of Bone Ice Age
Aluren Tempest
Amulet of Quoz Ice Age
Amulet of Unmaking Mirage
Anaba Ancestor Homelands
Anaba Spirit Crafter Homelands
Ancestral Knowledge Weatherlight
Ancestral Recall Limited Edition
Angus Mackenzie Legends
Anvil of Bogardan Visions
An-Zerrin Ruins Homelands
Apocalypse Tempest
Apocalypse Chime Homelands
Argivian Archaeologist Antiquities
Argothian Wurm Urza's Saga
Ashnod's Cylix Alliances
Asmira, Holy Avenger Mirage
Auspicious Ancestor Mirage
Autumn Willow Homelands
Avenging Angel Tempest
Avizoa Weatherlight
Aysen Crusader Homelands
Aysen Highway Homelands
Badlands Limited Edition
Baki's Curse Homelands
Balduvian Hydra Ice Age
Balduvian Trading Post Alliances
Balm of Restoration Fallen Empires
Baron Sengir Homelands
Barreling Attack Mirage
Barrin, Master Wizard Urza's Saga
Bartel Runeaxe Legends
Bayou Limited Edition
Bazaar of Baghdad Arabian Nights
Bazaar of Wonders Mirage
Beast Walkers Homelands
Benthic Djinn Mirage
Black Carriage Homelands
Black Lotus Limited Edition
Blaze of Glory Limited Edition
Blizzard Ice Age
Bogardan Phoenix Visions
Bone Dancer Weatherlight
Bone Mask Mirage
Boris Devilboon Legends
Bosium Strip Weatherlight
Braingeyser Limited Edition
Brand of Ill Omen Ice Age
Breathstealer's Crypt Visions
Brushwagg Mirage
Bubble Matrix Weatherlight
Cadaverous Bloom Mirage
Call to Arms Ice Age
Candelabra of Tawnos Antiquities
Canopy Dragon Mirage
Carnival of Souls Urza's Destiny
Carrion Mirage
Catacomb Dragon Mirage
Caverns of Despair Legends
Chain Stasis Homelands
Chains of Mephistopheles Legends
Chaos Harlequin Alliances
Chaos Orb Limited Edition
Chaosphere Mirage
Chromatic Armor Ice Age
Chronatog Visions
Circle of Despair Mirage
Citanul Centaurs Urza's Saga
Citanul Druid Antiquities
City in a Bottle Arabian Nights
City of Shadows The Dark
City of Solitude Visions
City of Traitors Exodus
Cleanse Legends
Cleansing The Dark
Commander Greven il-Vec Tempest
Conch Horn Fallen Empires
Contract from Below Limited Edition
Copy Artifact Limited Edition
Corpse Dance Tempest
Corrosion Visions
Covetous Dragon Urza's Destiny
Crovax the Cursed Stronghold
Cursed Scroll Tempest
Cycle of Life Mirage
Cyclopean Tomb Limited Edition
Damping Field Antiquities
Darkpact Limited Edition
Daughter of Autumn Homelands
Debt of Loyalty Weatherlight
Delif's Cube Fallen Empires
Demonic Attorney Limited Edition
Demonic Hordes Limited Edition
Deranged Hermit Urza's Legacy
Diamond Kaleidoscope Visions
Diamond Valley Arabian Nights
Didgeridoo Homelands
Discordant Spirit Mirage
Disharmony Legends
Divine Intervention Legends
Divine Retribution Mirage
Dominating Licid Exodus
Donate Urza's Destiny
Draconian Cylix Fallen Empires
Dream Halls Stronghold
Drop of Honey Arabian Nights
Dwarven Armorer Fallen Empires
Dwarven Pony Homelands
Dwarven Sea Clan Homelands
Dwarven Thaumaturgist Weatherlight
Dystopia Alliances
Earthcraft Tempest
Earthlink Ice Age
Ebon Praetor Fallen Empires
Eladamri, Lord of Leaves Tempest
Elder Spawn Legends
Elephant Graveyard Arabian Nights
Elkin Lair Visions
Elven Lyre Fallen Empires
Elvish Farmer Fallen Empires
Emberwilde Caliph Mirage
Emberwilde Djinn Mirage
Energy Bolt Mirage
Energy Storm Ice Age
Energy Vortex Mirage
Equipoise Visions
Ertai, Wizard Adept Exodus
Ertai's Familiar Weatherlight
Escaped Shapeshifter Tempest
Eternal Flame The Dark
Eureka Legends
Exalted Dragon Exodus
Exorcist The Dark
Eye of Singularity Visions
Faerie Noble Homelands
Falling Star Legends
Farmstead Limited Edition
Fastbond Limited Edition
Fatal Lore Alliances
Femeref Enchantress Visions
Field of Dreams Legends
Firestorm Weatherlight
Firestorm Hellkite Visions
Firestorm Phoenix Legends
Flooded Shoreline Visions
Floodwater Dam Alliances
Flow of Maggots Ice Age
Forbidden Ritual Visions
Forcefield Limited Edition
Forethought Amulet Legends
Fork Limited Edition
Formation Ice Age
Forsaken Wastes Mirage
Frankenstein's Monster The Dark
Frenetic Efreet Mirage
Fungal Bloom Fallen Empires
Fungus Elemental Weatherlight
Fyndhorn Pollen Ice Age
Gaea's Avenger Antiquities
Gaea's Cradle Urza's Saga
Gallowbraid Weatherlight
Gargantuan Gorilla Alliances
Gate to Phyrexia Antiquities
Gauntlet of Might Limited Edition
General Jarkeld Ice Age
Gilded Drake Urza's Saga
Glacial Crevasses Ice Age
Goblin Bomb Weatherlight
Goblin Flotilla Fallen Empires
Goblin Wizard The Dark
Golgothian Sylex Antiquities
Gosta Dirk Legends
Grandmother Sengir Homelands
Granite Gargoyle Limited Edition
Grave Robbers The Dark
Gravebind Ice Age
Gravity Sphere Legends
Great Whale Urza's Saga
Griffin Canyon Visions
Grim Feast Mirage
Grim Monolith Urza's Legacy
Guardian Beast Arabian Nights
Guiding Spirit Visions
Gustha's Scepter Alliances
Gwendlyn Di Corci Legends
Hakim, Loreweaver Mirage
Halfdane Legends
Hall of Gemstone Mirage
Halls of Mist Ice Age
Hand of Justice Fallen Empires
Harbinger of Night Mirage
Hatred Exodus
Haunting Wind Antiquities
Hazduhr the Abbot Homelands
Hazezon Tamar Legends
Heart of Bogardan Weatherlight
Heart of Yavimaya Alliances
Heart Wolf Homelands
Heat Stroke Weatherlight
Hellfire Legends
Helm of Obedience Alliances
Herald of Serra Urza's Saga
Hidden Path The Dark
Hivis of the Scale Mirage
Homarid Shaman Fallen Empires
Hot Springs Ice Age
Humility Tempest
Icatian Lieutenant Fallen Empires
Icatian Skirmishers Fallen Empires
Ice Cauldron Ice Age
Ifh-Biff Efreet Arabian Nights
Illusionary Mask Limited Edition
Illusionary Presence Ice Age
Illusions of Grandeur Ice Age
Implements of Sacrifice Fallen Empires
Imprison Legends
In the Eye of Chaos Legends
Infernal Denizen Ice Age
Infernal Tribute Weatherlight
Infinite Authority Legends
Inner Sanctum Weatherlight
Intuition Tempest
Invoke Prejudice Legends
Island of Wak-Wak Arabian Nights
Ivory Gargoyle Alliances
Jabari's Influence Mirage
Jacques le Vert Legends
Jester's Mask Ice Age
Jihad Arabian Nights
Jovial Evil Legends
Jungle Patrol Mirage
Juzam Djinn Arabian Nights
Kaervek's Spite Visions
Karn, Silver Golem Urza's Saga
Katabatic Winds Visions
Kaysa Alliances
Keeper of Tresserhorn Alliances
Khabal Ghoul Arabian Nights
King Suleiman Arabian Nights
Kjeldoran Knight Ice Age
Kjeldoran Outpost Alliances
Kjeldoran Phalanx Ice Age
Knights of Thorn The Dark
Knowledge Vault Legends
Kobold Overlord Legends
Kookus Visions
Koskun Falls Homelands
Krovikan Horror Alliances
Kudzu Limited Edition
Kukemssa Pirates Mirage
Lady Caleria Legends
Lady Evangela Legends
Lake of the Dead Alliances
Land Cap Ice Age
Land Equilibrium Legends
Lava Tubes Ice Age
Leeches Homelands
Leering Gargoyle Mirage
Library of Alexandria Arabian Nights
Lich Limited Edition
Lichenthrope Visions
Liege of the Hollows Weatherlight
Life Matrix Legends
Lifeblood Legends
Lifeline Urza's Saga
Lightning Blow Ice Age
Lightning Cloud Visions
Lightning Dragon Urza's Saga
Lion's Eye Diamond Mirage
Living Plane Legends
Livonya Silone Legends
Lodestone Bauble Alliances
Lord of Tresserhorn Alliances
Lotus Vale Weatherlight
Lure of Prey Mirage
Lurker The Dark
Malignant Growth Mirage
Mammoth Harness Homelands
Mana Matrix Legends
Mana Vortex The Dark
Mana Web Weatherlight
Mangara's Tome Mirage
Maraxus of Keld Weatherlight
Marjhan Homelands
Marton Stromgald Ice Age
Martyr's Cry The Dark
Martyrs of Korlis Antiquities
Master of the Hunt Legends
Masticore Urza's Destiny
Meditate Tempest
Memory Jar Urza's Legacy
Mercenaries Ice Age
Merchant Ship Arabian Nights
Mesmeric Trance Ice Age
Metalworker Urza's Destiny
Mightstone Antiquities
Mind Over Matter Exodus
Mindbender Spores Mirage
Minion of Tevesh Szat Ice Age
Mirror Universe Legends
Misers' Cage Mirage
Misfortune Alliances
Mishra's Workshop Antiquities
Mist Dragon Mirage
Moat Legends
Mold Demon Legends
Morinfen Weatherlight
Morphling Urza's Saga
Mountain Titan Ice Age
Mox Diamond Stronghold
Mox Emerald Limited Edition
Mox Jet Limited Edition
Mox Pearl Limited Edition
Mox Ruby Limited Edition
Mox Sapphire Limited Edition
Mudslide Ice Age
Multani, Maro-Sorcerer Urza's Legacy
Musician Ice Age
Mwonvuli Ooze Weatherlight
Mystic Decree Homelands
Mystic Might Ice Age
Nameless Race The Dark
Narwhal Homelands
Natural Balance Mirage
Natural Selection Limited Edition
Nature's Wrath Alliances
Nether Void Legends
Niall Silvain The Dark
North Star Legends
Nova Pentacle Legends
Null Chamber Mirage
Null Rod Weatherlight
Oath of Ghouls Exodus
Ogre Enforcer Visions
Old Man of the Sea Arabian Nights
Omen of Fire Alliances
Opal Archangel Urza's Saga
Opalescence Urza's Destiny
Orim, Samite Healer Tempest
Palinchron Urza's Legacy
Paradigm Shift Weatherlight
Paupers' Cage Mirage
Peacekeeper Weatherlight
Pendrell Mists Weatherlight
Phantasmal Sphere Alliances
Phelddagrif Alliances
Phyrexian Devourer Alliances
Phyrexian Dreadnought Mirage
Phyrexian Marauder Visions
Phyrexian Negator Urza's Destiny
Phyrexian Portal Alliances
Phyrexian Purge Mirage
Phyrexian Tribute Mirage
Pillar Tombs of Aku Visions
Pixie Queen Legends
Planar Gate Legends
Plateau (Brudi) Limited Edition
Plateau (Tucker) Limited Edition
Polar Kraken Ice Age
Political Trickery Mirage
Powder Keg Urza's Destiny
Power Artifact Antiquities
Powerleech Antiquities
Preacher The Dark
Preferred Selection Mirage
Prismatic Lace Mirage
Psychic Allergy The Dark
Psychic Vortex Weatherlight
Purgatory Mirage
Purraj of Urborg Mirage
Pygmy Hippo Visions
Pyramids Arabian Nights
Quarum Trench Gnomes Legends
Quirion Druid Visions
Radiant, Archangel Urza's Legacy
Raging River Limited Edition
Ragnar Legends
Rainbow Efreet Visions
Rainbow Vale Fallen Empires
Ramses Overdark Legends
Rapid Fire Legends
Rashida Scalebane Mirage
Rasputin Dreamweaver Legends
Razor Pendulum Mirage
Reality Twist Ice Age
Recurring Nightmare Exodus
Recycle Tempest
Reflect Damage Mirage
Reparations Mirage
Replenish Urza's Destiny
Retribution of the Meek Visions
Reveka, Wizard Savant Homelands
Reverberation Legends
Righteous War Visions
Ring of Gix Urza's Legacy
Ring of Immortals Legends
Ring of Ma'ruf Arabian Nights
Ring of Renewal Fallen Empires
Ritual of Subdual Ice Age
Ritual of the Machine Alliances
River Delta Ice Age
River Merfolk Fallen Empires
Roc of Kher Ridges Limited Edition
Rock Basilisk Mirage
Rock Hydra Limited Edition
Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary Urza's Destiny
Rogue Skycaptain Alliances
Rohgahh of Kher Keep Legends
Royal Decree Alliances
Rysorian Badger Homelands
Sandals of Abdallah Arabian Nights
Sands of Time Visions
Sarcomancy Tempest
Savannah Limited Edition
Sawback Manticore Mirage
Scarwood Bandits The Dark
Scorched Ruins Weatherlight
Scrubland Limited Edition
Season of the Witch The Dark
Second Chance Urza's Legacy
Sedge Troll Limited Edition
Seeds of Innocence Mirage
Selenia, Dark Angel Tempest
Serendib Djinn Arabian Nights
Serra Aviary Homelands
Serra's Sanctum Urza's Saga
Shahrazad Arabian Nights
Shallow Grave Mirage
Shauku, Endbringer Mirage
Sheltered Valley Alliances
Shimmer Mirage
Sidar Jabari Mirage
Silver Wyvern Stronghold
Singing Tree Arabian Nights
Skeleton Ship Ice Age
Sliver Queen Stronghold
Snowblind Ice Age
Soldevi Digger Alliances
Soldevi Excavations Alliances
Soldevi Golem Ice Age
Soraya the Falconer Homelands
Sorrow's Path The Dark
Soul Echo Mirage
Spectral Guardian Mirage
Spinal Villain Legends
Spirit of the Night Mirage
Spirit Shield Fallen Empires
Spiritual Sanctuary Legends
Splintering Wind Alliances
Spoils of Evil Ice Age
Spoils of War Ice Age
Squandered Resources Visions
Stone Calendar The Dark
Storm Spirit Ice Age
Storm World Legends
Subterranean Spirit Mirage
Su-Chi Antiquities
Suleiman's Legacy Visions
Survival of the Fittest Exodus
Sustaining Spirit Alliances
Sword of the Ages Legends
Sworn Defender Alliances
Taiga Limited Edition
Tainted Specter Mirage
Taniwha Mirage
Tawnos's Coffin Antiquities
Teeka's Dragon Mirage
Teferi's Imp Mirage
Teferi's Isle Mirage
Teferi's Realm Visions
Telekinesis Legends
Telim'Tor Mirage
Telim'Tor's Edict Mirage
Temporal Aperture Urza's Saga
Tetsuo Umezawa Legends
Thawing Glaciers Alliances
The Abyss Legends
The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale Legends
Thelonite Monk Fallen Empires
Thelon's Curse Fallen Empires
Thought Lash Alliances
Thran Tome Weatherlight
Three Wishes Visions
Thrull Champion Fallen Empires
Thunder Spirit Legends
Tidal Control Alliances
Timberline Ridge Ice Age
Time Spiral Urza's Saga
Time Vault Limited Edition
Time Walk Limited Edition
Timetwister Limited Edition
Timmerian Fiends Homelands
Tithe Visions
Tolarian Academy Urza's Saga
Tolarian Entrancer Weatherlight
Tolarian Serpent Weatherlight
Tombstone Stairwell Mirage
Tornado Alliances
Torrent of Lava Mirage
Tourach's Gate Fallen Empires
Tracker The Dark
Trailblazer Ice Age
Transmute Artifact Antiquities
Treachery Urza's Destiny
Triangle of War Visions
Tropical Island Limited Edition
Tuknir Deathlock Legends
Tundra Limited Edition
Two-Headed Giant of Foriys Limited Edition
Typhoon Legends
Underground Sea Limited Edition
Undiscovered Paradise Visions
Unfulfilled Desires Mirage
Urborg Justice Weatherlight
Urborg Stalker Weatherlight
Ur-Drago Legends
Urza's Miter Antiquities
Varchild's War-Riders Alliances
Veldrane of Sengir Homelands
Veldt Ice Age
Ventifact Bottle Mirage
Vesuvan Doppelganger Limited Edition
Veteran Bodyguard Limited Edition
Viashivan Dragon Visions
Vodalian Knights Fallen Empires
Vodalian War Machine Fallen Empires
Volcanic Island Limited Edition
Volrath's Shapeshifter Stronghold
Volrath's Stronghold Stronghold
Wall of Kelp Homelands
Wandering Mage Alliances
Warping Wurm Mirage
Wave of Terror Weatherlight
Weakstone Antiquities
Weatherseed Treefolk Urza's Legacy
Well of Knowledge Weatherlight
Wellspring Mirage
Wheel of Fortune Limited Edition
Willow Priestess Homelands
Willow Satyr Legends
Winding Canyons Weatherlight
Winter Sky Homelands
Winter's Chill Ice Age
Winter's Night Alliances
Wood Elemental Legends
Word of Command Limited Edition
Worms of the Earth The Dark
Wormwood Treefolk The Dark
Xanthic Statue Weatherlight
Yare Mirage
Yavimaya Hollow Urza's Destiny
Yawgmoth's Bargain Urza's Destiny
Yawgmoth's Will Urza's Saga
Zelyon Sword Fallen Empires
Zephid Urza's Saga
Zhalfirin Crusader Visions
Zirilan of the Claw Mirage
Zuberi, Golden Feather Mirage
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