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In Magic: The Gathering, you master the five colors of mana in order to create a deck that represents your strategic approach to victory. Each color represents a different attitude and philosophy by combining creatures, spells, and strategic opportunities that define the color's environment.

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Storyline Summaries
Illus by Mark Tedin With every new expansion since Mirage, we have been creating a summary to give you insight into the story behind the set. You can find all of these summaries and the links to the actual stories by Clicking Here.

The Latest Story
Moons of Mirrodin by Will McDermott

Look for Moons of Mirrodin, Book I of the Mirrodin cycle by Will McDermott.


Across the harsh landscape of Mirrodin, an orphaned elf must make her way, seeking the secrets of her past, daring the perils of her present.

It is in this strange new world that she must tear aside the veil that hides the face of a hidden enemy whose power extends across all Mirrodin.

Download a sample chapter. (227k pdf)

Storyline FAQ

Here is our ongoing list of questions and answers about the Magic Environment. Got a question? Check here first and you might see we've already answered it.

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