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Illus by Ron Spears


Illus by Ron Speark


Illus by Scott M. Fischer

Riptide Director

Illus by Lars Grant-West

Toxin Sliver

The Coming War
Akroma, angelic servant of a mad illusionist, and Phage, corrupted barbarian, are locked in a life-and-death struggle. Spurred by intense mutual hatred, they will stop at nothing to destroy each other once and for all. While Ixidor languishes in mystic imprisonment and Kamahl retreats into the Krosan Forest, the two women gather their forces to prepare for their final battle. Akroma’s army of clerics and soldiers and Phage’s zombie horde grow stronger as the two coerce or trick Otaria’s inhabitants into fighting their personal war. And through all this, the Mirari’s magic intensifies. It spreads out of the Krosan Forest, mutating everything on Otaria into twisted, more dangerous forms. The stage is set for an epic confrontation between Phage and Akroma, and no one can imagine the consequences. But there are stranger things yet coming from the forest.

The Wirewood elves know now what’s been happening in the Krosan Forest, for now it’s happening in Wirewood, too. During the Onslaught they hand hints of the changes to come, but now the mutations are affecting the elves’ bodies as well as their minds. The Mirari has made their skin hard and rough, like the bark of the birch trees they call home, just as it’s turning the wizards into beings made of pure magic and soldiers into silent, killing machines. The forest itself is also being transformed. The birch trees grow faster and closer together, turning Wirewood into a living cage. Not that the elves want to leave — they feel closer to nature now than ever before. But everyone wonders what will happen next. And still they hear whispers of an even greater danger.

While exploring the area once known as Urborg, wizards from the Riptide Project found the remains of an unknown creature in the ruins of a massive stronghold. Fascinated, they decided to bring this mysterious species back to life for study. The Riptide Project eventually succeeded beyond its wildest dreams, creating entirely new types of slivers through their experiments. However, with the sliver queen long dead, these slivers proved impossible to tame and they bred wildly out of control. It didn’t take long for the slivers to overcome the Riptide wizards and take the island as their own. Who knows what will happen once they cross the sea to the main continent?

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