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The story behind Odyssey - by Rei Nakazawa

Odyssey - by Vance Moore

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Illus by Mark Zug


Illus by Mark Zug


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illus. by John AvonThe Phyrexian invasion is over, and a devastated Dominaria picks up the pieces. For those on the remote continent of Otaria, every day is a struggle for survival. A sinister organization known as the Cabal exploits the weak and controls most of the land's wealth. The Order, a loose alliance between the desert nomads and a race of bird warriors called the aven, tries to break the Cabal's hold on the populace. In the oceans around Otaria, the octopus-like cephalids prepare their own plans for conquest. The deadly and tenacious Krosan Forest survived the Phyrexian plagues only to grow ever more hostile to meddling outsiders. The dwarves and barbarians of the Pardic mountains continue their age-old territorial battles, but with fewer resources than ever before.

Desperate for relief from the difficulty of everday life, Otarians turn to the Cabal's pit fights for entertainment. In each of these pit fights, only one warrior survives to enjoy the wealth and fame earned from victory. Kamahl, a young warrior from the Pardic barbarian tribes, decides to seek glory in the pit fights. Known as a fierce fighter, he can wield fire magic as well. Kamahl leaves his sister and people behind to make a name for himself in the pits. What he finds there will change him - and all of Otaria - forever.

Amidst this life-and-death struggle arises an aftifact of compelling power. None can resist it. All desire it. But only one can hold it.

illus. by Donato Giancola

The Mirari is a magical orb that calls out to all who see it, filling their heads with dreams of conquest. Whispered tales claim the Mirari's shape changes as it tunes its powers to the desires of the person who possesses it. Some speculate it was fashioned by an ancient planeswalker, but no one really knows where this crystal sphere came from or who created it. Even descriptions of the orb seem to disagree. One this is certain: the Mirari has a bloody history, and more will die from their hunger to possess it.

Further still, deep in the waters off Otaria, Emperor Aboshan reigns. The reach of the cephalids, octopus-like creatures with great magical ability, has extended to all the Otarian seas. Now the arrogant Aboshan sets his sights on dry land. Tired of the "inferior air-breathers," he plots to flood the continent, turning it into part of his watery kingdom and claiming the Mirari for himself. Doing his bidding on the surface is Laquatus, a mysterious merfolk from a distant place, who has his own schemes in mind.

illus. by Adam Rex

The story continues in the novel Odyssey by Vance Moore.

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