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The story behind Planeshift - by Jess Lebow

Planeshift - by J. Robert King

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illus. by Kev WalkerThe invasion has begun. Plague ships drop disease-infested spores on every square inch of Dominaria. Gerrard and the band of heroes that crews the flying ship Weatherlight have had some major victories, but the fighting rages on. Urza and a group of planeswalkers don battle armor to storm into Phyrexia, taking the fight to Yawgmoth instead of waiting at home for him to advance.

An artificial plane called Rath, built by the Phyrexians almost a thousand years ago, overlays itself on top of Dominaria, bringing with it hundreds of thousands of Phyrexian warriors-bloodstocks, scutta, battleflies, and gargantua. In the heart of an ancient volcano, in the swampland of Urborg, another Dominarian resident returns home-Crovax. The onetime crew member aboard the Weatherlight has turned to the side of evil and become Yawgmoth's new commander. From his Stronghold in the volcano's heart, Crovax leads the invasion troops against his homeworld.

illus. by Kev Walker

The tide turns in the favor of the invaders, and just as things seem as bleak and as dark as they can get, Urza and Gerrard get lured into Yawgmoth's inner sanctum to battle each other gladiatorial style in a match to the death.

illus. by Kev Walker

The story continues in the novel Planeshift by J. Robert King.

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