Scourge Story Summary

Illus by Matthew D. Wilson

Karona, False God

Illus by Rob Alexander

Divergent Growth

The Scourge of Otaria
Kamahl knows he has to act. The conflict between Phage and Akroma threatens to consume all of Otaria. Their armies, now many thousands strong and ready for war, have converged on the center of the continent. Kamahl breaks his deep meditation with the rapidly mutating Krosan Forest and races to the scene of battle between his fallen sister and the arcane angel.

In the midst of the chaos, just as the two women are about to trade blows, Kamahl strikes, cutting both women with a single blow. The blood feud should have ended there, but ancient, unseen forces intervene, and a huge, blinding blast lays everything flat. When Kamahl regains his senses, a new creature stands before him. Instead of killing Phage and the angel, the blow has fused them into a single, immensely powerful being: Karona.

The multitudes of Otaria, just moments ago on the verge of bloody war, prostrate themselves before the newly created “god.” Just as the Mirari reflects the desires of its holder, so does Karona reflect each being’s most fanatical faith. Only Kamahl sees the truth—that Karona is an abomination, a false god born of unfathomable magic. He sees that Karona’s existence would cause total annihilation of each being, each race, everything. She is an avatar of war.

Kamahl knows he has to destroy the creature to save Otaria. But how do you kill a god? He knows only one man who can help, a man who he hoped had vanished forever: Ixidor.

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