Ravnica: City of Guilds - Selesnya Conclave

"Once you are with us, you are an equal among us. Until then, you are lost." Thus spoke the wolfrider evangel Tolsimir, an agent of the Selesnya Conclave. But the words might have been spoken by anyone in the guild. Depending on your point of view, the Conclave is either a selfless, nurturing, spiritual group or a brainwashing nature cult. This guild bolsters its membership through recruitment, bringing outsiders into the fold with ceaseless effort. Its structure is almost fully decentralized -- a large council of beings that partially share a consciousness leads the Conclave. The Selesnya make their home in Vitu-Ghazi, the ancient tree standing in the center of Ravnica's oldest and largest district.

The dryads of Selesyna Conclave
Also Known As: The Conclave

Guild Leader: Communal leadership by all members, or so the guild claims. The dryads of the conclave share a consciousness that they can in turn share with others.

Guildhall: Vitu-Ghazi, once the greatest tree in the world. Although struck down ages ago, dryad and elf magic keeps Vitu-Ghazi alive. Its trunk houses the Selesnya's most important places.

Values: The Selesnya always seeks to grow the guild's ranks -- sometimes literally. The Conclave commands many saprolings and larger elemental creatures for labor and guardianship, and its evangels cry the guild's praises on every major street corner.

Structure: Decentralized, communal, collective. Within the Conclave, ideally all are equals regardless of individual roles.

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