Pro Tour 2006 Season Schedule

Wizards of the Coast is proud to announce the full schedule for the 2006 Pro Tour.

City Dates Format
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA March 3-5 Standard
Prague, Czech Republic May 5-7 Ravnica-Guildpact-Dissension Booster Draft
Charleston, SC, USA June 16-18 3-Person Team Ravnica Block Constructed
Kobe, Japan October 6-8 "Snap" Booster Draft
Paris, France – Worlds 2006 Nov. 29-Dec. 3 Standard, Booster Draft, Extended

    Photo by Joe Solem |
  • Situated on the island of Oahu, Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii. The most populated of Hawaii's six major islands, Oahu offers amazing beaches for surfing and sunbathing. The volcanic Diamond Head provides a majestic backdrop to Waikiki a few miles outside of downtown Honolulu. If you're interested in history, the Bishop Museum, the Iolani Palace and the War Memorial at Pearl Harbor provide looks into the rich tapestry of the state. The Pro Tour visits Honolulu on March 3-5, when the average temperature is 74° F (23° C).
  • Largely undamaged during World War II, Prague fascinates travelers with its stunning cityscape. The capital city of the Czech Republic is stretched across the Vltava River, with the Prague Castle overlooking four different districts. Museums, theatres and churches can be found all across this beautiful city rich in artistic, musical, and scientific history. The Pro Tour visits Prague on May 5-7.
  • Charleston, South Carolina is nestled deep in Southern history and hospitality. Classic mansions and lush gardens are around every corner. Fort Sumter, where the first shots were fired during the U.S. Civil War, is situated on Charleston Harbor. Virtually unaltered since 1858, the expansive Aiken-Rhett House stands as the most intact urban villa showcasing life in antebellum Charleston. The Pro Tour visits Charleston on June 16-18.
  • Located just to the west of center on the main island of Honshu in an area known as the Kansai Region, the port city of Kobe is renowned for its beef. The capital of Hyogo-ken, Kobe is located on a sliver of land between the sea and the Rokko mountain range and is the namesake of a legendary delicacy of Japan -- a type of beef that is so well marbled that it goes right off the charts for Prime grading in any other country. The Pro Tour visits Kobe on October 6-8.

  • Photo SNTE |
  • The City of Lights, Paris truly is one of the world's greatest cities and will serve as the host for the 2006 World Championships. Art, architecture, culture, and cuisine all stimulate the senses as visitors discover the essence of France. The Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Louvre are just the beginning of what Paris has to offer. The World Championships run November 29 to December 3.

In addition to the Pro Tour schedule, the U.S. National Championship and JSS Championship is set for July 28-30 in Atlanta, Georgia. Known as the 'Capital of the New South,' Atlanta is a modern city with a diverse population. Home to such American institutions as Coca-Cola and CNN, Atlanta also serves as the state capital of Georgia.

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