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The Wizards Play Network offers stores, schools, libraries and organizers all the tools they need to run events for Wizards of the Coast games. If you want to offer Magic: The Gathering or Dungeons & Dragons events for your players, the WPN gives you everything you need to get your game going!

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Current and Future Event Scheduling

Gateway Level

Zendikar Launch Party — Scheduling is open now! Launch Parties provide Magic: The Gathering players with a friendly, fun social event on the same weekend a new set releases.

Living Forgotten Realms — Scheduling now open! Living Forgotten Realms is the next generation of massive D&D shared-world gaming utilizing the new 4th Edition rules.

Core and Advanced Levels

Planechase Release EventsPlanechase introduces a groundbreaking way to experience multiplayer Magic. Scheduling for this new event ends soon!

Zendikar Prerelease — Scheduling is open now! Prereleases provide Magic: The Gathering players with a friendly, fun, social event one week before the new set releases.

Zendikar Game Day — Information coming soon! Game Days are Advanced-level content, providing Magic: The Gathering players with their first opportunity to play Standard with the new cards on a global scale!

Friday Night Magic — Scheduling is open between the 16th two months prior to the 15th one month prior for those events. (For example, September FNM scheduling is open between July 16 and August 15.) Friday Night Magic (FNM) is run in over 1,000 locations around the world every week, and is one of the most-recognized and popular WPN programs.

To schedule events you qualify for, log into the scheduling area!

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