Magic: the Gathering Super Series
2003 Magic: the Gathering Junior Super Series Championship

June 27 JSS Open - Your Last Chance to Qualify
June 28 -June 29, 2003 - JSS Championship

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Player Coordinator
Andy Heckt
Tel.: (425) 254-2941
Fax: (425) 687-8259

Prizes and Awards Contact
Laura Kilgore
Tel: (425) 204-7356

Magic Rules Questions
Tel: (800) 324-6496

Tournament Site and Hotel Accommodations

The San Diego Convention Center
111 West Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101

JSS Hall Hours
Thursday: 8am to end of sanctioned play/grinder
Friday: 7:30 am to end of sanctioned play in the side event area
Saturday: 7:30 am to end of sanctioned play in the side event area
Sunday: 8am to end of sanctioned play in the side event area

From the Airport

  • Drive out of parking lot.
  • Follow signs to Interstate 5/Downtown.
  • The ramp will put you on Harbor Drive going south.

Follow signage to parking entrance


Players may choose their hotels by going to There are several hotels to choose from based on a person's budget and desired proximity to the venue. Reservations made through have built-in discounts.

If you are unable to access the hotel reservation site online, please call (800) 434-7894 in the U.S. or (619) 238-0900 outside the U.S. to book your reservation.

Player Registration and Tournament Schedule


The following forms are required to compete in the Junior Super Series Championship:
We are required to have the following from every participant before leaving registration.

  • Wizards of the Coast® competitor and registration forms
  • Consent Form (PDF File)
  • An acceptable form of identification (one of the following):
    • a driver's license, or
    • a copy of your birth certificate and a photo ID (school ID is acceptable), or a passport

If you don't have photo ID, please have your parent or guardian present at registration.

All forms must be returned to Wizards of the Coast by Friday, June 20.
If you are unable to do so, bring a completed form with you to registration!

Wizards of the Coast Attn.: Andy Heckt
P.O. Box 707 Renton WA 98057
Fax: (425) 687-8259

Player Registration
JSS players can register from Noon-7:00 P.M. on Thursday, June 26th or Noon - 7:00 P.M. Friday June, 27th at the Convention Center at the Retail/Information Booth.

If you anticipate any difficulty registering during the official registration hours, please contact Andy Heckt at (425) 254-2941 or

Mandatory Players Meeting
The players meeting begins at 9:00 A.M. on Saturday, June 28, in the tournament area located at the San Diego Convention Center. You are responsible for all information presented at the players meeting.

Additional Information: JSS Open

The JSS Open is the last chance to qualify for the JSS Championship. It will take place on Friday June 27th. It is open to any player 15 and under, who does not have a Pro Point, and currently does not hold an invitation to the JSS Championship. The top 25 players from the JSS Open will advance to the JSS Championship (based on match points with the tiebreaker being the opponent match winning percentage). This event will most likely finish after 7p.m.

  • Format: Standard Constructed (see for format and rules)
  • Registration: 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM
  • Number of Rounds: To be determined, based on attendance.

Prizes: 25 invitations to the JSS Championship. All players will receive a JSS Challenge foil. The top 16 will receive product.

Junior Super Series Championship Tournament Format Document


  • Standard Constructed
  • 60 card minimum deck size
  • Decklists must be submitted 9:00 AM Saturday at player meeting. A judge will pick up the decklist from you during the meeting.
  • Check for possible banned cards. Please review the High Level Rules document at

Round Length

  • 50 minute rounds, 8 Swiss Rounds total
  • When time is called, the active player will finish the turn and five additional turns will be taken
  • Stalling or slow play will be strictly enforced and will result in serious penalties

Saturday Schedule

8:45 AM: Seating for player meeting posted.
9:00 AM: Player meeting begins. Your decklists are collected by judges during this meeting.
9:15 AM: Round 1 begins.

(The Top 8 players will advance to Sunday).

Sunday Schedule

8:00 AM: All Top 8 players check in at feature match area.
9:00 AM: Final matches begin. An awards ceremony will immediately follow the finals.

JSS Championship $100,000 Prize Structure

(College Scholarship Prize)

Place Prize
1 $20,000
2 $10,000
3-4 $6,000
5-8 $3,500
9-16 $1,500
17-32 $1,000
33-64 $500
Total: $100,000

Side Events

Attractions around San Diego
The Gaslamp Quarter: San Diego's Premier Dining and Entertainment District
LEGOLAND California
The World Famous San Diego Zoo
SeaWorld Adventure Park

Airport Transportation

Information on the San Diego International Airport can be found at Airport shuttles, taxis, and car rentals can be found at all terminals. Some hotels provide complimentary shuttle services to and from the airport (check with your respective hotel to find out if these services are offered). Car rentals are also available at the airport, with shuttles providing transportation to the rental facilities.


There is a trolley stop at the Convention Center (stop #32 on the map provided on following page), that is serviced by the orange line. Each stop is serviced approximately every fifteen minutes; a one-way trip requires an hour to complete. Trolleys run from 5:00 to 1:00 A.M. Exact times and schedules are available at the website above or through the automated schedule information, which can be accessed at (619) 685-4900
One-way trolley fares are based on trip distance. Select your correct fare from the chart below or see the trolley route map posted on the ticket machines at each station. Some machines require exact change and some accept $1.00 or $5.00 bills. Susan B. Anthony coins are also accepted
If you're paying cash to ride the trolley, use the ticket vending machine before you board. Press the button for your correct fare and put your cash into the vending machine; you'll be issued a ticket for proof-of-fare payment. If you have a prepaid ticket, it must be validated at a vending machine or at a stand-alone validator, which is located at the trolley station. Do not board the trolley without a validated ticket or pass: You may be cited by a code compliance officer, which can result in a fine.

One-Way Fares
Within downtown San Diego* or to 1 station: $1.25
2 stations: $1.50
3 stations: $1.75
4-10 stations: $2.00
11-19 stations: $2.25
20+ stations: $2.50

*Downtown San Diego cash fare allows unlimited rides (including round trips) within the center city area for two hours from the time of ticket purchase.

Trolley tickets are good for travel for approximately two hours from the time of validation and can be used to travel until the expiration time stamped on the ticket.

Day Tripper Passes:
One-Day Tripper: $5.00
Two-Day Tripper: $8.00 (allows you to prepunch two consecutive days you want to ride)
Three-Day Tripper: $10.00 (allows you to prepunch three consecutive days you want to ride)
Four-Day Tripper: $12.00 (must be four predetermined, consecutive days)

Note: The seats at the front of every bus are priority seating for seniors and disabled riders. On the trolley, the seats near every door are priority seating for seniors and disabled riders. Please be courteous.

 Artist Appearances

Thomas M. Baxa, Ben Thompson, Darrell Riche, Alan Pollack

Thomas M. Baxa

Thomas M. Baxa was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. He got his Bachelors degree in illustration from Northern Illinois University where he was scarred for life under the tutelage of Mark Nelson. Tom began freelancing in the RPG industry, working for such notables as TSR, FASA, and Dragon Magazine. In 1994 he became a staff artist for FASA, contributing covers, color interiors and b+w ink drawings to the Shadowrun, Battletech, and Earthdawn universes. He continued to freelance in the industry for White Wolf, TSR, and Wizards of the Coast among others. His work in a printed collection of fantasy art, Spectrum 5 & 6. Tom currently lives in Southern California and is working for a video game company called Westwood Studios. He continues to freelance and is currently pursuing personal projects.

Thomas M. Baxa's cards

Suppress (with Terese Nielsen) Apocalypse
Dizzying Gaze Exodus
Pit Spawn Exodus
Spellshock Exodus
Tsabo’s Decree Invasion
Dwarven Scorcher Judgment
Filth Judgment
Wormfang Drake Judgment
Dripping Dead Legions
Havoc Demon Legions
Smokespew Invoker Legions
Synapse Sliver Legions
Face of Fear Odyssey
Metamorphic Wurm Odyssey
Zombie Infestation Odyssey
Disciple of Grace Onslaught
Festering Goblin Onslaught
Gluttonous Zombie Onslaught
Nosy Goblin Onslaught
Oversold Cemetery Onslaught
Rotlung Reanimator Onslaught
Soulless One Onslaught
Spined Basher Onslaught
Thrashing Mudspawn Onslaught
Volcano Imp Planeshift
Corrupting Licid Stronghold
Dauthi Trapper Stronghold
Lobotomy Tempest
Safeguard Tempest
Shocker Tempest
Time Ebb Tempest
Churning Eddy Torment
Blizzard Elemental Urza’s Destiny
Mark of Fury Urza’s Destiny
Reliquary Monk Urza’s Destiny
Telepathic Spies Urza’s Destiny
Electryte Urza’s Saga
Hidden Spider Urza’s Saga
Tainted Æther Urza’s Saga
Torch Song Urza’s Saga
Vampiric Embrace Urza’s Saga

Ben Thompson

Ben Thompson, a graduate of the Art Institute of Southern California, Laguna Beach, first bean working for Wizards of the Coast while still a senior in college. He has since illustrated many cards of Magic: The Gathering beginning with the Mercadian Masques expansion. Other art credits include the cover for the Forgotten Realmsgame accessory Volo's Guide to Baldur's Gate II and interior illustrations for the Alternity game accessory Alien Compendium II: The Exploration of 2503. Ben is also a part-time instructor at Mt. San Antonio College and Cal State Long Beach, teaching figure drawing and advanced illustration courses. He currently lives in Anaheim, California with his wife and bonsai tree (unfortunately no dog at the moment).

Ben Thompson's cards

Captain’s Maneuver Apocalypse
Dega Sanctuary Apocalypse
Llanowar Dead Apocalypse
Assault Invasion
Battery Invasion
Overabundance Invasion
Plains Invasion
Razorfoot Griffin Invasion
Wane Invasion
Wax Invasion
Defy Gravity Judgment
Flash of Insight Judgment
Lost in Thought Judgment
Swelter Judgment
Blood Celebrant Legions
Daru Mender Legions
Mistform Sliver Legions
Whipgrass Entangler Legions
Dust Bowl Mercadian Masques
Hired Giant Mercadian Masques
Stone Rain Mercadian Masques
Goblin Digging Team MTG Seventh Edition
Orcish Oriflamme MTG Seventh Edition
Volcanic Hammer MTG Seventh Edition
Flame Rift Nemesis
Flowstone Crusher Nemesis
Cabal Shrine Odyssey
Halberdier Odyssey
Hallowed Healer Odyssey
Island Odyssey
Tattoo Ward Odyssey
Infest Onslaught
Patriarch’s Bidding Onslaught
Starlit Sanctum Onslaught
Noxious Vapors Planeshift
Pollen Remedy Planeshift
Slay Planeshift
Latulla’s Orders Prophecy
Samite Sanctuary Prophecy
Chainer’s Edict Torment
Plagiarize Torment

Alan Pollack

Alan Pollack was born in New Jersey in 1964. He began drawing at the age of five. Influenced by artists such as Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, the Hildebrandts and Michael Whelan, Alan decided that fantasy illustration was to be his career of choice. In 1991 after many years of rejection from publishers in New York, he was assigned his first paying job for Dungeon Magazine with TSR.

Shortly thereafter, Alan found an agent in NYC, but then was offered a staff position at TSR. He spent the next couple of years surrounded by great artists and honed his skills as an illustrator. In 1997 he went out on his own as a freelancer and since then has managed to gain more experience in the field working for Del Rey, ROC, TOR Books and of course Wizards of the Coast. Alan currently lives in Freehold, New Jersey with his wife Nichole and his two huskies Xena and Pikachu.

Alan Pollack's cards

Dega Disciple Apocalypse
Desolation Giant Apocalypse
Whirlpool Drake Apocalypse
Firescreamer Invasion
Forest Invasion
Forest Invasion
Liberate Invasion
Rampant Elephant Invasion
Recoil Invasion
Scavenged Weaponry Invasion
Sleeper’s Robe Invasion
Urborg Skeleton Invasion
Cephalid Constable Judgment
Ember Shot Judgment
Golden Wish Judgment
Sudden Strength Judgment
Deftblade Elite Legions
Wirewood Channeler Legions
Cateran Summons Mercadian Masques
Deepwood Ghoul Mercadian Masques
Ghoul’s Feast Mercadian Masques
Karn’s Touch Mercadian Masques
Lumbering Satyr Mercadian Masques
Nether Spirit Mercadian Masques
Power Matrix Mercadian Masques
Ramosian Lieutenant Mercadian Masques
Spontaneous Generation Mercadian Masques
Circle of Protection: Green MTG Seventh Edition
Elder Druid MTG Seventh Edition
Fugue MTG Seventh Edition
Ivory Cup MTG Seventh Edition
Spineless Thug MTG Seventh Edition
Wall of Bone MTG Seventh Edition
Rejuvenation Chamber Nemesis
Terrain Generator Nemesis
Woodripper Nemesis
Bamboozle Odyssey
Cephalid Scout Odyssey
Crystal Quarry Odyssey
Island Odyssey
Plains Odyssey
Swamp Odyssey
Timberland Ruins Odyssey
Improvised Armor Onslaught
Nova Cleric Onslaught
Profane Prayers Onslaught
Read the Runes Onslaught
Run Wild Onslaught
Sea’s Claim Onslaught
Skittish Valesk Onslaught
Wheel and Deal Onslaught
Hobble Planeshift
Razing Snidd Planeshift
Silver Drake Planeshift
Plague Wind Prophecy
Rhystic Circle Prophecy
Abandon Hope Tempest
Sudden Impact Tempest
Tainted Isle Torment
Waste Away Torment

Darrell Riche

After graduating from the University of Kansas in 1986 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Darrell moved to the northwest with his wife Brandy, and set his sights on painting in the fine art arena. He was influenced by the Wyeths, Vickrey, and favorite 19th century master, Bouguereau. His focus was diverted several times over the next few years, which included the birth of two sons, Matt and Dylan. Though fine art was his love, and many of his paintings are in corporate and private collections, he always had an alter-personality that enjoyed drawing science fiction/fantasy creatures and characters. While working for 10 years at a manufacturing plant, he spent his breaks drawing and honing his skills preparing for his leap into illustration. His first opportunity came in 1999 when a fellow artist referred him to an art director at Wizards of the Coast. Darrell finally showed the collection of concepts that were developed over those years to someone who would put his imagination to use. This opportunity eventually grew to include work for Magic-The Gathering, Warner Bros (Harry Potter), Dungeons & Dragons, Dragon Magazine, and LucasArts. Today, Darrell still lives in the NW with his family and continues to learn and strive to develop his potential as an artist.

Darrell Riche's cards

Ana Disciple Apocalypse
Battlefield Forge Apocalypse
Coalition Flag Apocalypse
Island Invasion
Phyrexian Infiltrator Invasion
Rewards of Diversity Invasion
Rogue Kavu Invasion
Samite Ministration Invasion
Forcemage Advocate Judgment
Lava Dart Judgment
Nullmage Advocate Judgment
Circle of Protection: White MTG Seventh Edition
Disrupting Scepter MTG Seventh Edition
Evacuation MTG Seventh Edition
Kor Haven Nemesis
Beloved Chaplain Odyssey
Cease-Fire Odyssey
Immobilizing Ink Odyssey
Price of Glory Odyssey
Disruptive Pitmage Onslaught
Elven Riders Onslaught
Everglove Courier Onslaught
Pinpoint Avalanche Onslaught
Rorix Bladewing Onslaught
Multani’s Harmony Planeshift
Citadel of Pain Prophecy
Far Wanderings Torment
Nantuko Cultivator Torment
Nostalgic Dreams Torment
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