Magic: the Gathering Super Series
2007 Junior Super Series

North America

The Junior Super Series has been replaced by the Magic: The Gathering Scholarship Series in North America.

  • More information on the Scholarship Series
  • Europe

    These tournaments are open to players of age 16 and under. Players with Pro Points may not play in the Junior Series. All Junior Series are open events, this means that you do not need an invitation to play in an event. Please note, you do not earn Pro Points by winning Pro Tour Qualifiers. You earn Pro points by attending the Pro Tour, Worlds or placing in the top 32 at a Grand Prix. For 2007 there are 2 seasons, each with it's own participation card. First season starts April 2007 and ends June 2007. Second season starts July 2007 and ends September 2007

  • More information on European JSS events
  • Great Britain and Ireland

    The 2007 Junior Series Challenge tournaments will be held on September 15th & 16th, 2007. The Junior Series Challenge tournaments give invites to the Junior Series Final in Birmingham on October 21st, 2007.

    Each Junior Series Challenge tournament will be open to players aged 16 and under.

  • More information on Great Britain and Ireland Junior Series Challenge events
  • France

  • More information on France JSS events
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