Magic Weekend San Francisco Spellslingers

The following Pro Tour Hall of Famers and members of Wizards of the Coast R&D will be at Magic Weekend San Francisco in the Spellslingers area. Bring a deck and face off against them across multiple formats to win cool prizes!

Aaron Forsythe, Director of Magic: The Gathering R&D

As the Director of R&D, Aaron oversees the entire card creation process, from Design and Development to Creative, Rules, and Editing. The various teams in the R&D department do everything from making card sets and building Intro Packs, to writing webcomics and designing video game content, from testing and shaping upcoming Standard environments to generating yearly visual styleguides for our artists.

While most of his days are likely to be spent in meetings, Aaron still have time to participate in some design and development teams, as well as play in the Future League.

Aaron was the lead designer on Magic 2010 and Magic 2011, as well as the Alara Reborn, Lorwyn, and Dissension sets. He was also the lead developer of Shadowmoor.

Favorite cards that he has designed include the Titan cycle from M11; Iona, Shield of Emeria; Bloodbraid Elf and Bituminous Blast; the Command cycle from Lorwyn; Knight of the Reliquary; Elspeth, Knight-Errant; Eternal Witness; and Trinket Mage.

Aaron came to Wizards in October 2001 to be the first-ever editor/content manager of the website. After almost two years in that role, he moved into R&D as a developer and became Director in 2007.

Before working at Wizards, Aaron was a Pro Tour player with two career Pro Tour Top 8s and was a member of the 2000 World Team Champions. He has a wife, Anne, and three daughters.

Mark Rosewater, Head Designer for Magic: The Gathering

Mark is the Head Designer for Magic: The Gathering. This means he spends most of time thinking about cards, making them and then arguing endlessly about why they should be printed. When he is not busy designing Magic, he writes the weekly design column on called "Making Magic."

Mark has led the design for the following sets: Tempest, Unglued, Urza's Destiny, Odyssey, Mirrodin, Fifth Dawn, Unhinged, Ravnica, Future Sight, Shadowmoor, Eventide, Zendikar, and Scars of Mirrodin.

Among Mark's favorite mechanics he's created (or co-created) are affinity, dredge, equipment, entwine, evoke, flashback, hybrid, imprint, indestructible, infect, landfall, ninjutsu, proliferate, splice, split cards, unearth, and wither.

Mark has worked at Wizards of the Coast for 15 years. He has a wife (Lora) and three children (Rachel 10, Adam & Sarah 6) and lives in Issaquah, Washington.

Mark Globus, Magic R&D Senior Producer

Mark greatly enjoys getting to help make Magic. He manages the design and development process within Magic R&D, ensuring that things run smoothly and everyone is working as effectively as possible. He also participates on various Magic teams, including Rise of the Eldrazi development and Scars of Mirrodin design.

Some of Mark’s favorite cards he designed include Elvish Archdruid, Phylactery Lich, and Reassembling Skeleton.

Mark joined Wizards of the Coast in 2007 following his fourth-place finish in The Great Designer Search. He initially worked on digital projects such as Dungeons & Dragons Insider, and then joined Magic R&D in August 2008. He is the lead designer for the 2012 Core Set and the lead developer for Commander.

Erik Lauer, Magic Developer

Erik makes and play tests Magic cards. He led the development of Magic 2010, and was also on the Conflux, Alara Reborn, Zendikar, and Worldwake development teams.

Cards Erik has worked on include Baneslayer Angel, Great Sable Stag, and Open the Vaults.

Erik joined Wizards in September 2006. Playing and making Magic as a career was too much fun to turn down.

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